Just when you think that millennials are done posting stupid challenges online, they go one step further and do something which defines a new level of stupidity and this time, they’re snorting condoms via their nostrils and pulling them out of their mouths as part of The Condom Snorting Challenge.

So, What Does This Challenge Essentially Undertake?

Well, it’s a no-brainer and the name is extremely suggestive. You snort a stretched condom from one of your nostrils and pull it out of your mouth. Yeah. Well. Yeah.

I genuinely miss those days when simple challenges like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or the Mannequin Challenge were the talk of the town instead of stupid kids eating Tide Pods or sneaking Juuls vaporizers in classrooms (known as Juuling) in a bid to smoke e-cigarettes without getting caught because Juuls vaporizers look like USB flash drives and can be charged via a laptop.

So, How Did Condom Snorting Come Into Mainstream Existence?

As per an article on Motherboard (Vice), the Condom Snorting Challenge can be traced back to 2006, where a video emerged on Break.com and featured a guy replicating the act which we described.

The article further went on to detail how a circus group by the name of Jim Rose Circus Sideshow had done the same act in 1993, when one of the members of the group named  Jim “The Tube” Crowley inhaled a condom and took it out of his mouth as part of his opening act.

Condom Snorting Challenge

Folks, we don’t need to tell you how dangerous this trend is and how the idea of social validation shouldn’t be the focal point of your life, especially when it has the propensity to kill you.

Why Are Such Stupid Challenges Primarily Done In First World Countries?

Sure, it’s okay to experiment with condoms (and by that, I mean you can buy and use different types of condoms to have consensual sex) but in an era where most of the first-world teenagers and young adults are blessed enough to know and understand the basic difference between logic and idiocy, I believe it’s only fair that we act as per the same norms.

Institutionalizing this sort of a rebellion where “anything goes” and “anything dangerous is obviously cool” is now turning out to be a big joke by the people in the west, much like the election of their President.

And it’s funny and rather contradictory to what the general connotations are about countries like India, where kids still prefer to be normal and not eat detergent or snort condoms.

Yes, that in no way means that I’m trying to defend our idea of sex among a significant cultural stratification and its existence as a taboo but be that as it may, urban parents do a good enough job to keep their kids away from challenges like this one.

Kids, don’t succumb to social media and don’t try the obviously life-threatening Condom Snorting Challenge. You can choke on the condom and if you do so, you could even die if the choking is severe!

Use condoms to have safe, consensual sex and you’re good to go.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Washington Post, Time, Live Science + more

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