We all know about this giant biscuit brand. It has been a companion to all Indians – old or young and has been a devoted tea friend since decades. Yes, I am talking about Parle-G.

Parle G has saved so many lives. It has also turned out to be a staple for many many many out there! During wars, crisis, floods, we have always had this friend of ours with us.

Let’s take you through some trivia, here are some historical details –

Parle baked its first biscuits in India in the year 1939 during the Second World War.


Much later, in 1980, Parle gave a new name to these epic biscuits – Parle-G. Initially, this ‘G’ stood for Glucose and was later changed to Genius. This was done through an extremely successful ad campaign which mainly targeted the younger lot.

And finally, in 2013, it became the first Indian FMCG brand to cross Rs. 5000 Crore in retail sales. That’s huge, right?

In a world where brands like Apple, Flipkart, Samsung, and Google always steal the limelight, we never think about the brand which we all know since our childhood.

So, here are some lesser-known facts about this monster biscuit brand –

(Spoiler – its production and distribution is nothing short of miraculous)

1. 400 million Parle-G biscuits are produced daily. Let’s compare it with the colossal social networking site Twitter – which touched 330 million users. Notice the difference?

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2. If we stack the monthly production of Parle-G biscuits side by side, we can cover the distance between the Earth and the Moon which is 7.25 Lakh Kilometers. 

3. At this moment, 4551 people are enjoying this delicious biscuit. That is about 393 million biscuits daily. This is even more than Oreo’s daily consumption. And you thought Oreo is the ‘world’s largest selling cookie’? (Well, at least I did!)

giphy4. Parle has been making these classic biscuits since 1939. That means it has been the taste of the nation and the world for more than 76 years!

5. For 14 years, Parle did not increase the price of its iconic biscuits. And when it did, it increased it only by 50 paise.

6. Parle G sells more biscuits than all the biscuit brands sold in China. And one more fact to amaze you – China stands 4th on Global Biscuit Consumption Scale.


Yet, the number of these biscuits that have been lost at the bottom of tea cups is still unknown.


Well, I’m pretty sure these facts and trivia about the yellow-striped biscuits must have changed your outlook towards them and must have created a whole new image about the legendary brand.

So now on, think twice before underestimating these biscuits! ;)

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Sources: Wikipedia, Livemint, The Economic Times

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