We often take inspiration from other famous people who have made great achievements in their lives. Whether it is the type of books they’d read, the lifestyle they’d lead, outfits they would wear and the type of daily routine they’d follow, all are places we look towards in trying to figure out how they got successful and how we too can repeat it in our own lives.

It seems that Prime Minister Modi too was of the same thought since he adviced the UP cabinet recently on how they should follow something from Benjamin Franklin’s daily routine. One of the founding fathers of the United States of America (USA) Franklin is often something of an inspiring model for many people within the political sphere.

The face of the US $100 bill, Franklin was not just a politician but also an author, an inventor (Franklin stove, bifocals, lightning rod, etc), journalist, publisher, created the American Philosophical Society and more.

What Did PM Modi Say?

PM Modi on Monday held a meeting in Lucknow with Uttar Pradesh Cabinet ministers while he was returning from Nepal. During this meeting he reportedly asked the ministers to keep a distinction between “karya (work)” and “karyakaram (events and programmes)”.

He also told them to make work their priority and encouraged them to read Franklin.

Franklin it seems has been an influential figure for Modi since he had mentioned him in 2015 too during a special edition of his monthly “Mann ki Baat” radio programme that also featured US President Barack Obama. When asked which American leader was his inspiration he said “I liked reading as a child. And I got an opportunity to read the biography of Benjamin Franklin… He was not an American President. But his biography is so inspiring – how a person can intelligently try to change his life. If we feel excessively sleepy, how can we reduce that? If we feel like eating too much, how can we work towards eating less? If people get upset with you that you cannot meet them, because of the pressure of work, then how to solve this problem? He has addressed such issues in his biography.”

He further added that “And I tell everyone, we should read Benjamin Franklin`s biography… And he came from an ordinary family. He could not even complete his education. But till today, his thoughts have an impact on American life… And I tell you too, if you read his biography, you will find ways to transform your life… I feel you will be inspired as much as I have been.”

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As per a report by The Indian Express, the daily routine of Benjamin Franklin went something like:

* Begin the day at 5 am by asking, ‘What good shall I do this day?’ Spend the first hour rising, washing, and reciting “Powerfull Goodness (a prayer)”. Then move on to, “Contrive day’s business, and take the resolution of the day: prosecute the present study, and breakfast”.

* Work from 8 am to 11 am, and the following two hours spend reading or overlooking accounts and dining.

* From 2 pm to 5 pm, work again, and allot 6-9 pm for putting things in their places, supper, “music or diversion or conversation”, and an examination of the question, “What good have I done today?”

* 10 pm, it is time for bed.

However, it has been noticed that Franklin himself found it difficult to religiously follow his own routine.

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