The relationship between an owner and his pet is often fascinating to observe. It is truly incredible the kind of bonds you create with your dog or cat without the exchange of any words. 

But have you ever wondered what goes on inside your furry friend’s mind? Although owners believe they know their pets through and through, perhaps, more often than not, your pet is trying to tell you something that you haven’t been able to pick up on. 

With this unique innovation by South Korean startup, Petpuls, you can now understand five of your pet’s emotions through an AI-powered collar that interprets your dog’s bark. 

The design of Petpuls AI-powered collar

How Does It Work? 

The startup has used a database of nearly 10,000 bark samples from over 50 different dog breeds along with their proprietary algorithm in order to analyse your dog’s bark and determine if your pet is happy, anxious, relaxed, angry or sad. 

The identified emotions of your pet are then displayed on Petpuls smartphone application for pet owners to view. The voice-recognition technology took nearly three years to perfect, and now the technology exhibits a 90 per cent average accuracy rate of emotional recognition.

Petpuls mobile phone app along with the collar

Besides this, the collar also supposedly tracks your pet’s physical activity and rest. Given the advanced technology that the collar uses, the product comes at a steep price of $99.

Understanding Your Dog’s Emotions Matters 

The real question now is whether such an innovation would actually make a substantial difference to the relationship you share with your pet. 

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One may think that a simple wag of the tail means that your dog is happy and content, while your dog whimpering or barking is a sign of them being upset.

But what if these behaviours can mean more than one thing and they’re all being misconstrued? 

One of the reasons given by Petpuls Co-Founder Andrew Gil for creating this product was due to the increase in dog abandonment cases – especially during the ongoing pandemic. Miscommunication is one of the primary reasons behind owners abandoning their pets.

It is quite common to observe people adopting pets on impulse but only later realising the time, effort and attention that a pet requires, and so they choose to abandon them instead. Petpuls’ founders believed that their innovation could make a difference and encourage owners and pets to bond.

Similar to human beings, dogs develop distinctive personalities and experience a wide range of emotions on a day-to-day basis. Making an effort to understand your dog’s feelings will truly help you enhance the quality of their life and make them feel more comfortable at home.

In addition to this, an essential reason for connecting more with your pet is to ensure that they do not develop separation anxiety, depression or any stress-related conditions. 

With or without Petpuls’ collar, understanding your dog’s body language has never been more critical for a pet owner. For all the love and affection they shower on you, you owe it to your pet to keep them content as well. And just remember, Happy Dog, Happy Life! 

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