It is only in times of need when the true face of a person comes out. This stands especially true for the people around someone who is going through a tough time. Any person will probably never forget the people who stood by them or offered genuine support in any way at a time when they needed them the most.

This was proved by Rakhi Pal, who gained recognition when she made an appearance at the recently concluded Shark Tank India reality show. Pal, an entrepreneur, posted on her social media thanking one of the judges from the show for their support and kind words that gave her strength during a very tough and turbulent period of her life.

Pal sent over a handwritten letter to judge Ashneer Grover, thanking him for his words and how he become almost a hero and inspiration to not just her but millions of people across the country.

What Did The Shark Tank India Contestant Say?

Rakhi Pal and Saurabh Mangrulkar are co-founders of EventBeep and had appeared as contestants on Shark Tank India. Their startup, an online community for college students had impressed Ashneer Grover, Peyush Bansal (Lenskart CEO) and Aman Gupta (BOAT). The startup managed to get investments from all three sharks

Pal on the show had revealed her struggle as an entrepreneur and what lengths she had to go to in order to even be able to work on her business. She told the judges of how she would lie to her family, saying she was going to college when instead she was working on her startup.

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She also added that she would do various chores around the house like cleaning and cooking before leaving for office and that when she came out to her family about this after working in secret for almost 2 years she was disowned by her own family.

Ashneer Grover for his part had invested not only Rs. 30 lakh in the startup as a whole but also added Rs. 10 lakh solely to buy some shares in Rakhi’s stake in the company.

This was supposedly to go only to Rakhi and she was also given the choice of being able to buy back her shares at the same price as sold whenever she wanted.

Taking a picture of the letter, Pal wrote that “Dear Ashneer sir, your words have been worth more than any offer we could ever have…

You have not just been a shark but a hero and inspiration for millions. 

No amount of thank you is ever going to be enough. You’ve given me my family back and their trust in this vision.

We may be very young to say this, but we’ll pray to God for your great health and success always… We’re determined to help millions of students across the globe and impact their lives positively.”

As per the letter it seems that Rakhi has reconciled with her family and is back with them.

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