Shark Tank India didn’t just give a platform for startups and entrepreneurs to get some much-needed investment for an interesting business idea. More than anything though it directly introduced a lot of people to those products, so that even if the startup didn’t get any funding, it still got to showcase its product to an extremely large base of audience.

Considering the extremely huge popularity of the reality show, imagine the kind of reach each startup must have gotten in just a few minutes. They were able to showcase their brand, product and name.

In the process, many were noticed by customers who were either intrigued by the product itself or found something they had actually been looking for.

A few days back someone on Twitter had asked if people had actually tried any Shark Tank Indian products or not. The answers were interesting with various people posting about how they had bought one or another of the products that were featured on the show and their experience with it.

Here are a few of those products that people are apparently buying.

The Sass Bar

ISAK Perfume

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JhaJi Achaar

#Tagz Chips

Kerala Banana Chips

Skippi Ice Pops

The show has certainly helped entrepreneurs to get their brand name out and among customers so that even if they didn’t succeed in getting funding, they still were able to make some kind of profit out of it all.

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