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Children who are well behaved and ‘can-sing/dance’ in front of relatives and random acquaintances are the shaan of every parent.

And no matter how much we grow up, we supposedly ‘represent’ our parents and are their ‘pride’ at every function, party or family gathering.

I’ve lived almost two decades of my life, and still my parents expect me to oblige to the customary “Namaste uncle” and “Namaste aunty” at every gathering and party.

Awkward Silence Following ‘Namastes’:

Greeting random elders at functions seems absurd, but it nevertheless teaches us courtesy and the art of respecting all elder people alike, regardless of whether we know them or not.

It doesn’t cost much to join hands to greet a random relative, but the issue that nudges me is that I can hardly ever recall seeing that relative before.

Let us assume that it goes all fine even up to the Namaste. My concern begins with what follows after it. An eerie silence descends, where neither me, nor the random uncle or aunty in front of me knows what to say next.

So both the parties stare at each other for an eternal while, grin at one another and await some noble soul to fill in the silences.

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Two minutes of silence for all the kids like me, who go through this hilarious trial at every family gathering.

We all know how weird our relatives can be. However, what makes it weirder is that you are expected to greet people you never knew even existed.

So, to stop creating such awkwardness and embarrassment on our parts, let us collectively hope that our parents and their friends too stop looking forward to random Namastes from us random kids!

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