Watch: 5 Reasons Why Bihar, Most Mocked At State, Is Way Ahead Of Others

Bihar is not that backward after all!

We all have heard or even laughed at many of the jokes on Bihar or Biharis. But in hindsight, we do realize that most of this banter actually comes from the myths and misconceptions that we have about Bihar.

These fabrications make Bihar synonymous with illiteracy, high crime rates, lack of refinement, and a lower economic growth rate.

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Therefore, it comes as no surprise when people, at least in the posh metropolitan neighbourhood, use ‘Bihari’ as a swear word to insult someone who is apparently ‘too backward’.

Watch the video below to find out reasons why Bihar is way ahead of others:

Although some of the allegations may be factual, most of it is based on hearsay. So, we think it is high time that we try to debunk some of it and understand why Bihar is not so backward after all.

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