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Sundays are overrated and the pressure of enjoying this one day because, apparently, weekdays suck due to work, is unreal. 

The guilt of not making the best of Sunday and entering a crazy week of work ahead often causes people to have Sunday Blues. However, following a routine spreads positivity and prepares you for an anxiety-free week. 

Here’s a list of few things that may help with your Sunday Blues and make your day perfect – 

Go Out With Friends For a Pancake


Unlike the millennial culture of clubbing at night and returning with a bad hangover, breakfast plans fulfill you. It gives you a chance to socialize and not regret it for once. Sometimes, my Sunday includes going out for a pancake while other times, preparing it at home seems like meditation. 

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Watch a Light Sitcom 


For the longest time, thrillers have been my thing. Recently I realized that re-watching comedy series can help you get your mind on the correct path. 

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) is one such series that portrays the importance of friendship and few other lessons which can take the burden off your shoulders. Watching Ted fail time and again at something he is passionate about, but finally finding it one day is quite relatable and gives hope to our generation to hold on. A generation of broken hearts at a young age that has forgotten how to love, needs something to root for. 

Watching the Sun Set Brings Peace 

Marine Drive

This one’s for the Mumbaikars out there. Nothing better than sitting in front of the vast ocean watching the sun escape behind the horizon, leaving a beautiful canvas on the sky. It is rare that we get a chance to be quiet in a city that never sleeps. Utilize this moment, enjoy the bliss. 

To sum up, including everything on the list will make an ideal Sunday and give you a headstart for the upcoming week. 

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