On 17 February, Wednesday, the bodies of 2 minor Dalit girls were found in a field in Babura village in UP’s Unnao district. 3 girls had left their houses for the collection of fodder but when they did not return, the villagers set out to look for them and found the girls in such a gruesome state.

Public protesting against the atrocities towards dalits

The villagers were shocked and horrified seeing the condition of the girls and reached out to the local police officials who rushed them to the nearest hospital.

2 of them were declared dead while 1 is currently in severe condition in Unnao hospital. She is being treated as of now. 

SP Anand Kulkarni was present and he told the media about the same. The 2 girls’ bodies have been sent for postmortem and investigations are on the way.

SP, UP, Anand Kulkarni

Twitteratis have been trending the hashtag #SaveUnnaoKiBeti on number 1 ever since. People are outraging and demanding justice and answers.

Hastag #SaveUnnaoKiBeti trending on Twitter
Twitteratis angered over the terrible condition
People angered and saddened over the incident
Outrage amongst the Twitteratis
Twitteratis expressing their anger
Family members sitting with the deceased victims
Social welfare minister of UP, talking about taking the victim to Delhi for treatment

What Do The Reports Look Like, So Far?

No sign of struggle has been found as of now which indicates the case of severe poisoning. There are no injury marks as well. But what’s to note here is that the girls’ brothers claimed to have found them bound by ropes with their hands and feet tied up tightly.

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How Is This Similar To Hathras Case?

On 14 September 2020, a 19-year-old Dalit girl in UP’s Hathras district was gang-raped and left hanging for life. The culprits were 4 upper-classmen. The girl was sent to a Delhi hospital wherein she died after a 2-week long battle.

Manisha Valmiki, Hathras case victim

Similarly, on 4 June 2017, another 17-year-old girl in UP’s Unnao was found in a similar state and a former BJP member was convicted and sentenced.

In this particular case, the 3 Dalit girls have been violated, and all shreds of evidence point towards a case of communal violence. Had the girls not been Dalits, luck would have been on their side for most of the part. 

In the movie Article 15, good Brahmin cops like Ayan Ranjan Pandey helped serve justice and aided the Dalits but this is not what happens in real life, only in reel life.

Furthermore, a shocking coincidence is that the swamp scene was shot in Unnao district in UP. Imagine the same girls watching the movie.

Also, the girl who has survived the atrocities is being sent to Delhi. Chances are at AIIMS itself. 

UP is not the epicenter of such cases, many states are in line. Jharkhand had 1600 cases of such violence in the last year alone.

Whether this horrendous action is related to the caste and the helpless condition of Dalits in UP or if this is another monstrous activity where caste, color, creed do not matter to the abuser, one thing is for sure humanity is walking on thin ice and as long as we do not stand up for our daughters, we are as much an ally as other abusers.

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