Social media activists went on an outrage last week over Kangana Ranaut’s tweet which falsely claimed that the caste system was no longer prevalent in India.

A press release by the National Dalit Movement for Justice (NDMJ-NCDHR) revealed that there have been around 92 cases of violence against Dalits since the lockdown following COVID-19 began (as of June) and that justice for them has been slow.

If we were to switch on our television today, we would be immediately bombarded with information that steers our attention away from important issues that are deeply rooted within Indian society.

Mainstream channels have always limited themselves from speaking out on the caste system and the violence against Dalits in India.

A comic artist’s description of Dalit justice in India

Ongoing Unrest and Violence Against Minorities

#BlackLivesMatter gained momentum in June 2020 this year, against the brutal killing of George Floyd.

Indians were quick to respond to the situation, with many of them taking the protests to the streets in the USA and participating in online activism on social media. However, foreign media was quick to call out this hypocrisy, as violence against minorities has been rampant within the country.

8-Year-Old Dalit Girl Found Deceased in Tamil Nadu

On July 15, her body was found in Kalvilai village in Sathankulam. Initial investigation revealed no signs of sexual assault, however, the parents demanded a further probe into the incident as the child’s body had bite marks.

The accused named Mutheeswaran was of a higher caste and was arrested by the police.

Mutheeswaran claimed that he strangled her in a fitful rage because she threw a stone at him. She used to visit their house to watch television.

There have been no updates on how the investigation turned out.

According to a report by the Untouchability Eradication Front (CPIM), there have been a total of eighty-one cases of violence against Dalits in Tamil Nadu alone.

Can Kangana Ranaut provide an answer to this?

Protests by minority population in India

17-Year-Old-Dalit Boy Shot In Amroha For Entering A Temple

Vikas Jatav from Dhomkera village in UP, which is dominated by upper-caste Chauhans, was killed by 18-year-old Horam Singh while he was sleeping in the temple premises.

The family of the victim alleged that the boy was killed because of his caste position, as Singh had assaulted him previously also for entering the temple premises.

However, the police have dismissed these allegations and claim that the dispute was over a money issue without further investigation.

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20-Year-Old Dalit Man Assaulted Over An Inter-Caste Relationship

On June 7, Viras Vilaj Jagtap was chased and beaten down for having a relationship with an upper-caste woman in the Pimple Saudagar suburb of Pune.

Further probe was demanded, and the accused were held under murder and other sections under the SC/ST Act. They had also used casteist slurs against the victim while beating him up.

No updates have been provided regarding this case too.

A Dalit Woman And Son Assaulted In Gujarat

On August 3, a 55-year-old woman and her 35-year old son were assaulted because the son did not pick up ‘cow carcass’ from an upper caste home.

Sections of the Dalit community have been historically assigned with such an occupation. Reservations were one such reform to remove occupational barriers, however, such discrimination is still evident today.

The accused, Surehsinh Chavda, fled the village before he could get booked under the SC/ST Act.

Three Dalit Men Humiliated In Baurali, Lucknow

The men had allegedly stolen a television for which the accused shaved their heads, tied sandals around their necks and made them walk on the streets while flogging them.

These accused took justice in their own hands because of a historically warranted authority to inflict violence upon the minority.

The accused were booked under the IPC and SC/ST Act.

A comic from The New York Times

Custodial Torture Of Dalit Men

On May 26, in Telangana, a man from Ramayyapalli village was found dead in custody. The case was written off as suicide. Many activists have demanded a probe into the incident as they suspect police torture.

In a similar incident, Felix and Jayaraj were killed in custody by Sathakulam police in Tamil Nadu. While police torture has been on the rise, there are reasons to allege that the caste angle played a major role in their deaths. The case was taken up in mainstream media only after rampant outrage was raised on social media by activists.

However, these are just some of the many acts of violence that have surged up in India during the pandemic. Are you aware of any more such cases that require attention? Please leave them in the comments below.

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