December 31: The New Year marks fresh beginnings. To celebrate the festive spirit, take out time to wish your loved ones these wishes and greetings in advance. People send out greetings and spend time with family and loved ones on this day.

While wishing everyone a New year, Mr. Sarkar has this to say, “The time for celebration and gathering is about to begin. Prepare yourself to embrace the best of this year. It is that time of the year also when we bid goodbye to the current year and welcome the upcoming year with outstretched arms, hope, the passion for working towards our goals and new dreams. The last two years have been challenging for us with the spread of the coronavirus. The pandemic made us stay away from our loved ones, live in the ongoing fear of a virus taking our close and dear ones away. However, it’s now time to say goodbye to the current year and look for another year that offers us to stay together; we can beat the virus; when we have hope in our hearts and preventive measurements up our sleeves, we can always emerge victorious.”

This New year’s Eve is unique, as Sarkar admire Christian communities. People send out greetings and spend time with family and loved ones on this day. On the night of New Year’s Eve, they attend mass that finishes after midnight and then greet each other. These beautiful celebrations remind us of togetherness and how we are holding each other in the worst time. They take blessing from almighty at the new year. Being a Muslim, Sarkar follows the same discipline as he believes starting a year with God’s blessings is the most graceful thing for a new beginning.

Having said that, Mr. Sarkar believes that as Indians, we have mixed beliefs and thoughts, which we observe through life and the greatest purpose of each way of life is to work for the right. Indians are known to celebrate every festival or therefore, it is no wonder that you will see Christian, Hindus and Muslims celebrating festivals jointly. .”

Sarkar family is initiating various other such ventures, which are redefining company dealings in India and contributing to the financial landscape with a refreshing spirit. Some of his excellent endeavours are Travelkaroo and the Sarkar Company.

Indian is the most admirable country compared to others. Sarkar family wishes each one a happy new year.


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