Pune, December 31: MIT World Peace University classmates recently launched a self-sufficient pioneer ecosystem, Dwarbuddy, in Pune. Founded in March 2021 and launched on 5th December in Pune, the digital platform is set to become one of India’s largest hyperlocal and e-commerce platforms by leveraging digital transformation power.

Nowadays, almost every one in three customers is moving online to meet all kinds of shopping requirements. Despite the stronghold of local retailers, the number of online customers is definitely skyrocketing at an unanticipated pace. It certainly necessitates the need for local shop owners to take their business online if they wish to serve well. However, most of them are unaware of where to get started! But digital platforms such as Dwarbuddy are helping retailers and small businesses take their business online in less than 10 minutes.

Dwarbuddy is a unique online platform dedicated to empowering corporators, local businesses, and housing societies. They do so by providing a new-gen digital platform directed towards helping users manage their day-to-day operations smoothly. The super app also aids its users in tasks such as apartment management, buying daily essentials, finding the nearest doctors, notifying best offers from local retailers, and much more.

The main objective of the Dwarbuddy super app is to help local businesses, retailers, corporators, and housing societies survive in the present and upcoming digital era. They aim to help them survive and thrive in maximizing profits, sales, and customer engagement. By providing them some incredible services and super app features such as order management, catalogs management, discounts, offers management, and other quintessential benefits. 

What makes Dwarbuddy super-unique is certainly their Dwarbuddy offers QR feature. Basically, this feature enables the customers to simply scan the QR code of a particular retailer or business to get custom discounts and offers while making payments through the Dwarbuddy super app. The app also provides its shopping users with loyalty points for shopping through local retailers and in-app. 

The super application, Dwarbuddy, also notifies about the locally elected corporators, prospects, and social workers. The app users also get the power to raise complaints regarding their experience and also expect a timely resolution for their raised complaints. This feature will surely help bridge the gap between the community and corporators for a better future. All thanks to the digital transformation taking the world by storm.

Apart from helping local businesses, retailers, and corporators, Dwarbuddy has also helped many housing societies to date. Through providing them all the right tools for visitor management, community management, facility management, accounting, digital validation of staff & residents, maintenance ERP tools, utility & rent payment tools, amongst other advantageous tools.

Dwarbuddy is all set to target a market of over 60 million retailers, More than ten lakh housing societies, and eventually take over the whole nation under their wing. They have successfully onboarded more than 100 retailers from Pune and have plans to scale in Pune and Chinchwad area in the near future.

NinadSumant, CEO, Dinesh Gat, CTO, and ShrikarDatar, COO, are all the Co-Founders of Dwarbuddy. You can learn more about Dwarbuddy or download the app here.



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