Not that long ago, I talked about how Badla was a copy of this Spanish movie called ‘The Invisible Guest’. 

However, at least they had the decency to give credits of the story to the original director and even later on added how it was a remake to the Spanish film. 

In front of Salman Khan’s new production, ‘Notebook’ it seems to be miles head in being honest about their source material. 

Notebook on the other hand, does not even make any attempt to do that, and is blatantly copying the work of another. 

In the official YouTube trailer, there are no credits given to the Thai film’s director Nithiwat Tharathorn or the writer, instead the credit for ‘screenplay’  is given to Darab Farooqi (writer of films like Dedh Ishqiya) while the writing credit is given to Shabbir Hashmi and Payal Ashar.

What Is The Thai Film?

The Teacher’s Diary, the original film to Notebook, was a 2014 Thai movie directed by Nithiwat Tharathorn.

The story is identical to the Bollywood version, with a female teacher who was working in a remote school located in an abandoned houseboat, keeping a diary. When she has to leave due to some reasons, a male teacher takes her place and find the diary, eventually developing feelings for the one writer of it.

The story eventually is all about falling in love even without meeting the person. 

However, allow me to show you exactly how different the two movies really are:

#1. Hero = Stoic

There are a lot of differences in the Bollywood and Thai movie though, that there is infinite time more emotion and better acting in the latter than the former. 

The hero cannot be cute and energetic right, he has to be all stoic and rough, to show how manly he is.

#2. Ironic Architecture

Another way the Salman Khan movie is vastly different in showing actual reality. 

Where the Thai movie actually managed to depict a realistic run-down boathouse, see the peeling paint and unstable foundation of the school. 

The Bollywood version on the other hand, almost seems like an artistic designer created it to be all ironic where it just seems run down enough without actually being poorly kept at all. 

#3. Ctrl +C, Ctrl +V

No copying here guys, can’t you see the totally original thing that Bollywood has added by changing the pose of the photo?

So what if it’s still the arm that is the main thing, and so what if the star tattoo is still same, the pose changed no, then it’s different. *sigh*

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#4. The Heroine Is Looking Like The Heroine

I swear, the Thai film industry is just so naive, you know, they just do not know how a film’s heroine has to look. She just cannot look like an average person, living in slightly difficult conditions, teaching in an environment that might not be the most comfortable. 

Where the Thai actress is looking like an actual teacher, who is intent on teaching, our Bollywood one is showing how it’s done with perfectly set hair and everything in place. 

To be honest, it seems that Salman Khan is surely doing a favour on us all, by Bollywood-ifying it and showing the world how it’s really done. 

Let me know in the comments what you really think, and if there are any more similarities, do put that down too.

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