Disclaimer: If you have not yet watched Sacred Games season 2, please do not read this article. It will give you almost the entire story.

With a lot of anticipation, I waited for Sacred Games season 2 to be released on Netflix, nagged my brother for his Netflix account, and finally watched the entire season last night.

But honestly, it didn’t live up to my expectations and many other people are saying the same. For those who wanted raw stuff like abusive language and nudity, this will be a disappointment because the main focus went on writing the second season properly, but even that did not turn out well.

Confusion Regarding Gaitonde

In the first season, Nazawuddin Siddiqui was established as the main antagonist and we all loved him playing Ganesh Gaitonde. The main agenda of Ganesh Gaitonde – to rule Mumbai and later destroy it.

But in the second season, he is shown to love Mumbai and his main agenda of contacting Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan), as shown in the first season was to save Mumbai rather than to destroy it.

Confused villain?

Maybe not.

Confused audience?


Guruji (Pankaj Tripathi) turned out to be the actual villain and the entire series of incidents taking place was about a nuclear attack. Pretty unexpected. Well written, but still unexpected.

Sartaj And His Marriage

Sartaj and his wife Megha (Anupriya Goenka) get divorced because they had a lot of fights and they understood that they could not fit in together, followed by a big fight about not having a kid when Megha gets an abortion without telling Sartaj.

But then, in the second season, we see Megha telling Sartaj that she is about to get married to her new boyfriend and also that she is pregnant. Another small subplot which left the viewers in confusion.

Does the script show Sartaj getting divorced just because he was supposed to be a character with a great deal of pain, or was there any real reason?

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Was Batya Needed?

Batya (Kalki Koechlin) didn’t seem like a special character, as much as she was hyped in season 2.

She was just a very trustworthy disciple of Guruji, knew all his secrets and went ahead to push the nuclear blast planning even after Guruji was murdered by Gaitonde.

But that could have been anyone. Very frankly, it felt like Kalki’s talent went to waste here. She could have taken a better role, or her character should have been written better.

The Nuclear Expert

The nuclear bomb in the last episode had a pattern-based access to it. A total of 5 trials were allowed as shown to us.

Imagine the fact that the nuclear bomb is over 5 times stronger than the one dropped on Hiroshima and the lady nuclear physicist tries 2 random patterns which obviously turn out to be incorrect.

Really? Two random trials when the entire city might blow up into ashes in the next 10 minutes? Highly impractical. I doubt if a real nuclear physicist would do that.

Too Many Twists

We all love twists in a plot, and it is amazing how we look forward to new episodes and new seasons of a series to see where the twists lead us.

But Sacred Games season 2 had too many of these, which led to losing the connection that season 1 had with the viewers.

Everything from Gaitonde’s maniac mind seeing a bomb and changing his mind to protect the city, to Sartaj’s marriage, to Sartaj being on drugs in the Ashram, the entire series of events in the Ashram involving Guruji, even the death of Guruji was a total mess of timelines and persona of characters that we had in our minds from season 1.

The series is brilliantly written, no doubt. But it could have been better in certain places, specially the places where the story-line was crucial for the viewers to understand everything.

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