Ranbir Kapoor probably broke Bollywood’s and half of the fanbase’s hearts when he revealed that he and Alia Bhatt (10 years younger to him) were in a relationship.

The entire news, while speculated by many, came out of the blue for others who were dismissing it as just baseless rumours.

But this news has given rise to a certain phenomenon that is increasingly being seen in Bollywood of older stars falling for much younger people.

However, this blog is not to make senseless assumptions or just write sensational stuff, but actually, take a look at what the reason behind this might be, minus the judgement:

#1. News Things To Learn:

Taking a more social outlook, the age difference and the resulting generation gap (yes, there is a gap even if the difference is only 2-3 years) can be a problem at times.

But it can even be a good thing wherein the older person, gets to learn and see new things that they wouldn’t be getting exposed to with someone of their own age.

Whether you believe in the alleged rumours between Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas or not, but you can admit that a couple like theirs would bring a lot of experience and learnings to the table.

Yes, even Jonas who is considerably younger to Chopra (10 years), would bring some new things as a millennial that Chopra would otherwise not be entirely aware of if she were to date someone of her age group only.

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#2. Intertwined Generations

Social media and other such platforms have worked to considerably decrease the big gap between generations. And especially those working in creative fields who work with people across ages and that too in such close proximity, the communication works to keep the two generations connected to each other.

For actors, this applies even more, as they are constantly working with people younger to them and being in such constant touch with each other the older person’s mentality also starts to work in sync with the younger person’s.

Because once you are surrounded by so many people younger to you, you obviously start to pick up on the small things like slangs, new stuff they are doing, what issues they are talking about, how they are treating people around them etc.

What this does is decrease the generation gap by bringing the older person into the loop thus allowing them to better appreciate the inside jokes and opinions.

#3. No Jealousy From Each Other                             

Based more on observation of people around me, I believe that people of our own age group are more prone to a competitive mentality against each other. Even if the two people are not necessarily in the same field, there is a certain will to one-up the other and show off.

However, in couples where one partner is quite younger to the other, the compatibility increases and the jealousy decreases.

Where people of the same age can sometimes be competitive, jealous, insecure, and in general be very non giving of genuine compliments or even in general, that is not exactly the case with dating younger people.

Since the two people do not compete within the same sphere, then all these negative attributes are not exactly applicable to the relationship.

This can apply for those in different fields like Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput and could even be the case for Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor since even though they come from the same industry, the issue of jealousy and competitiveness might not be there as the two are at different points in their career.

And thus, any praise they give the other would be more real and sincere.

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Sources: Hindustan Times, WikipediaFox News 

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