Being single and watching web series about live-in couples is quite the way to feel lonely and be reminded that you’re single. But lately, ‘Please Find Attached’ by Dice Media has me waiting for episodes every week. 

I’ve watched many web and YouTube series and PFA is one of the most realistic series out there. It probably comes closest to the highly loved Little Things by Pocket Aces. 

Here are the reasons why I feel so: 

Starting With Hate

I’ve seen several couples start their journey by hatred for their other half initially. Misunderstandings and fights bring two people close and then they end up together – not too common, but I’ve seen many such cases.

Especially since they work together, differences in opinion about work and competitiveness to get in the good books of the boss brings out that hatred. 

Hiding From Colleagues

Mature couples, unlike the teenage couples who stay together ‘forever’ (4 months), don’t outright declare their relationship out to everyone. If you work at the same place, it becomes even more important to first check the dating policy of the firm through an HR manager. 

Ayush Mehra, playing Shaurya in the series, is a team manager in Season 2. Definitely, if people found out he’s dating someone from the office, they’d accuse him of being biased towards his girlfriend or letting her off the hook.

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Work And Relationship Don’t Go Well Together

This is probably the point that takes the realistic elements to the peaks. No matter what people say, work and relationships don’t always go well together, unless two people are super mature and know how to handle both.

Sanya, played by Barkha Singh, and Shaurya, have troubles too. Shaurya starts stressing out due to his managerial responsibilities and sometimes takes it out on Sanya. She doesn’t like it, naturally, and snaps back. This happens in real life very often. 

At the age when two individuals are focused on building their careers and looking for growth in a company, their commitment towards their partner takes the hit and it is very well portrayed in PFA.

I’m yet to finish Season 2 – waiting eagerly for new episodes. But from what I’ve watched till now, it is pretty realistic and I cannot find a point where I can say “Ah, that doesn’t happen in real life. It’s fake”. Right casting, right script, right direction – kudos to Dice Media for doing an amazing job again.

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