It seems like it takes very little to get people to start boycotting things here in India.

Earlier it was Tanishq, and now it is Zomato, who actually is not a stranger to getting boycotted.

Often I see on Twitter, something or another being boycotted for some reason that might not always make sense. So it was certainly interesting how the phrase ‘boycottzomato’ started to trend on Twitter.

The issue started with a tweet made by Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker who asked if Zomato would be pulling their ads from news channels like Republic Bharat.

This comes in light of a campaign carried out by several brands, who either pulled their ads from news channels or threatened to do so, if these channels did not stop being toxic or spread misinformation.

Just last month, companies like Parle and Bajaj Auto had blacklisted some news channels and in an impressive move said they will not be associated with them since they were perceived to be “a source of toxicity in the society”.

Swara Bhasker in a tweet called out Zomato for being an advertising partner on Republic TV news channel. She said,

“Hey @zomatoin @zomato @deepigoyal I’m your regular customer.. do u plan to #DefundTheHate & pull your ads from hate espousing channels like @Republic_Bharat ? I’m not okay with my money even indirectly funding this kind of communal bigoted hate! Pls let your consumers know..”

To this, Zomato replied saying that as a company they don’t “endorse any content except our own. That being said, we are looking into this.”

This, in turn, resulted in people who seem to be Arnab Goswami supporters to call for a boycott of Zomato. They took Zomato’s reply as them siding with Bhasker and thus took up the stance of uninstalling Zomato, giving it low ratings on Google Play Store and more.

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Twitter’s Reaction

As always, this boycott was picked up by Twitter, with over 15,000 tweets to it.

There were all kinds of reactions to this news, from those who supported the call-out by Swara to those who supported Arnab and then were even those using it as meme fodder.

People were seen posting screenshots of how they were uninstalling Zomato and fully boycotting it.

There were also some who either supported Zomato or were just against the boycott in general.

While others used this to make some jokes.

What do you think? Is it right to boycott Zomato over this? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. When Zomato Support this 4th class Sh*tty valueless people , then its better to #boycottZomato .. Let them send their rubbish food to only Swara and her druggie Gang … Disgusting ! Zomato’s time is over!


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