When naming their kids, parents usually come up with unique names so that their kid stands out. However, sometimes these “unique” names turn out to be “weird”. A Bangladeshi-Pakistani couple came up with the name “India” for their child and the reason will leave you in splits.

The New Name

A popular nasheed singer, Omar Esa took to Facebook to post a photo of their kid sleeping right in between the husband and wife, just like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan lie on the world map. Hence, earlier known as Ibrahim, the child was given a new name by the couple due to his habit. He is now known as “India”.

Post shared by Omar Esa

The Story

All of this didn’t come together on a single day, instead has been going on for years. Omar Esa shared the story on Facebook and called it a warning.

He wrote, “A WARNING to all new parents and condolences to all the parents who did what we did, so me and my begum made the silly mistake to let our firstborn Ibrahim sleep in our bed from when he was a little baby, you know new parents and that, we were so protective over him.” 

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He went ahead adding, “Well now this little guy is used to this sleeping arrangement and always ends up in the middle of us when we are sleeping even though he has his own bedroom.

So as I’m of Pakistani origin and my wife is of Bangladeshi origin, we have given Ibrahim a new name, we call him India now as he’s right in the middle of his Pakistani and Bangladeshi parents, India causing mad issues in my life.”

How Netizens Reacted?

As soon as the post went viral on social media, it started garnering numerous likes and comments.

A user commented, “Photographer may be American,” to which Omar replied, “This is crazy because my sister took this photo and she lives in America and is an American citizen.”

Other users shared their issues with their kids taking up their parent’s beds. While some argued over the issue, it led to a heated discussion in the comments.

Talking about the name, “India” isn’t a weird name considering couples naming their kids “North”, “West”, and even “Pakora”. 

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