Known as ‘The Hit Maker’ by his fans & for his versatility, high vocal range, writing skills & back to back hit independent originals, Samiir proves it again with ‘Hindustan’ that in the era of remixes, remakes & heavily marketed songs, it is good original music that is loved. One of the fastest growing artist in India, Samiir pays respect & gratitude to India on Republic Day. It is composed, sung & penned by Samiir himself.

Social media users are calling the song ‘Classic’ while a user commented “This has to be the best patriotic song ever, nobody can sing it like Samiir”. The music video features Samiir & leaves the audience full of pride & energy. The lyrics are magical & Samiir’s singing does justice to it. It extraordinarily portrays the smallest details of India’s unity in diversity. The music video released in 2021 but is going viral now. It was shot & edited by Shrey Doshi.

Samiir says “I want honourable PM Narendra Modi to listen to it. I wish to perform ‘Hindustan’ at Republic Day parade or some major national event”. It will be the best moment of my life to sing for my country”

Samiir who is known for his soulful, minimalistic songs shot to fame in 2022 after his songs Na raha mera, Tum, Gori, O Maharani, Kisne kaha, Kaynaat, Ala Rasi, Desert Rose & more, churned over a million plays. Samiir plans to release more music videos independently in the future. Samiir has sung over 2000 jingles & has performed over 1000 shows all over the world. 

Watch ‘Hindustan’ on Youtube –



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