Watch: Five Worst Inventions From Around The World

It is because of the inventions that we can live an easy life today. Had the fire not been invented, we still might be eating raw food or if the telephone wasn’t invented, we still have to send letters.

What if the internet wasn’t invented? You won’t be reading this on your laptop/mobile screens. Social media, which we are now hooked to and our day is incomplete without checking at least once, had not been there.

It won’t have been easy to connect with friends and relatives staying miles apart had the internet been there. Oh, what if the typewriter wasn’t invented? Probably I won’t have been able to type this article so seamlessly on my laptop, which is a compact and portable version of the typewriter.

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Hence, it is true that inventions have made our lives simple and uncomplicated to an extent. However, not all inventions are wonderful and blessings. Some turn out to be dangerous and thus, are the worst inventions ever.

So, let us take a look at some worst inventions from around the world.

Well, these are just a few. Do comment below and let us know certain inventions that you feel does more harm than good.

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