The cabin crew of any airline is expected to dress and conduct themselves in a certain manner, regardless of country. Airlines have intricate and interesting uniforms for the flight personnel, oftentimes showcasing the country’s culture in some shape or form, there is also a whole grooming process that they go through where they are taught how to dress and hold themselves when on the job.

However, recently, Pakistan International Airlines is in the news for some bizarre, to say the least, dress code instructions that they’ve given to their cabin crew.

What Has The Airline Said?

Reports are coming out of how the airline is calling out the seemingly poor dressing of the cabin crew and wants them to be careful of it.

As per a memo in a Geo TV report, it said “It has been observed with great concern that a few cabin crew tend to dress casually while travelling intercity, staying in hotels and visiting various suffices. Such dressing leaves a poor impression on the viewer and portrays a negative image of not only the individual but also of the organisation.”

The notice further said that the cabin crew even if dressed in plain clothes, must be in a formal fashion that is “worn over proper undergarments”.

The guidelines also informed the crew that “The clothing worn by males and females should be in accordance with our cultural and national morals.”

The official notice by the airline was also posted online, laying out all the rules for the cabin crew.

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Not just this, but apparently there will be strict supervising happening of the crew to make sure they adhere to the guidelines. According to the memo, “TCPs, SPs, LCCS and Grooming Officers are requires to monitor cabin crew at all times and report any deviation through email and flight services log.”

The flight crew, however, are going through their own problems regarding the extra duty timings and asking the airline to solve it at the earliest. The International Transport Workers Federation has also written to Aamir Hayat, the CEO of PIA to look into the matter.

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