Have you had any criminal records in the past? Have you ever had or had a fantasy about spending time in prison? You don’t have to commit a crime to go to jail now.

You can just spend 500 bucks per night and you end up enjoying this absolutely aesthetic fetish as a part of the jail tourism started by Haldwani prison in Uttarakhand.

Jail Tourism
Who knew that Jails could be a place of attraction too!

The prison administration of Haldwani, Uttarakhand is at your service to ward off your’ bad karma’. It is affordable and convenient. Here is a list of all the things you get in the abandoned jail. 

Planet’s Evil Eyes Off

According to a local astrologer, “When three celestial bodies, including Saturn and Mars, are placed in an unfavourable position in one’s horoscope or birth chart, it becomes an equation that predicts the person may have to undergo imprisonment”.

Jail Tourism Haldwani
The Haldwani Jail is now gearing up for Jail Tour.

In such a situation, also known as the ‘bandhan yog’, the people are advised to spend a night in jail to avoid going to prison and overcome the evil planetary positions. This offer by the prison authorities will prevent you from going to a real prison.

Real Prison Experience For The ‘Jail Guests’

‘Jail Tourists’ are provided meals in the night stay package specially cooked in the kitchen of the prison. The jail-cooked food also is a part of the larger picture of avoiding a jail term suggested by many local astrologers.

Jail Tourism Uttarakhand
Food cooked inside the prison will be served to the Jail Guests

Uniforms are also provided by the authorities to recreate real prison experiences. The guests who wish to fulfill their desire of getting into jail without committing a crime are most welcome to this jail tour. 

Jail Tourism
The jail tourists will also get the jail uniform to wear for the night.

Unusual Proposal For Setting Up A Jail Tour

The proposal given by Satish Sukhija, Jail Superintendent, was appreciated and happily accepted by the Inspector General of Prisons, Pushpak Jyoti. The senior officials often ordered the jail authorities to allow ‘recommended’ people to spend some hours in jail and these people received jail food and uniform. This facility is now being extended to interested people.

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Jail Tourism Is The New Trend

The Haldwani prison is giving an opportunity to stay for a night but there have been jails in different cities of India that have provided the citizens with the opportunity to visit the jails.

Recently, Maharashtra Government also opened access to Yerawada Jail, Pune. The jail was built in 1866 which makes it an important historical architecture. A nominal fee of Rs 5 for visits by school students, Rs 10 for college students and Rs 20 for individual tourists is levied.

Yerawada Jail
Yerawada Jail has been opened for visitors.

The capital city of India, also has its Tihar Jail established in 1957, open for tours. Only some parts of the jail premises are accessible to tourists. 

Prison Food
The food served at Tihar Jail.

Port Blair also has its history defined by the Cellular Jail also known as Kala Paani which has been an important detention centre during the colonial era. This jail is open for tourists to visit. 

Historicity Of Haldwani Jail

Haldwani prison dates back to 100 years and came into being in 1903. The old armoury along with six staff quarters which is an abandoned part of the jail is being worked upon to receive the Jail tourists.

The abandoned Jail in Haldwani is now gearing up for Jail Tour.

Jail tourism is not new in India for it has historical importance. Jail has been an important witness to the freedom struggles of the colonial period. It is for the first time that jail tourism is being promoted in the name of astrology and superstition. The government officials encouraging this is a matter of pity.

The prime question arises- In the age of science, why are superstitions still a thriving business? 

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