If it were the middle ages, men riding horses on their way to work would not have been that uncommon a sight. But now that we are modern and advanced, using animals for transport would seem a little out of place.

But you know what, everybody is entitled to their opinions. So if you want to use a bullock-cart instead of a car, you should be allowed to do that right! Well, sadly, the government somewhat has a different stand on this.

Why This Discussion?

Earlier this week, the Maharashtra government encountered a rather unusual request from one of their employees. An assistant account officer from Nanded asked for permission to commute to the office every day on a horse. 

Satish Punjabrao Deshmukh is employed as an Assistant Accounts Officer in the Employment Guarantee Scheme Department at Nanded Collectorate. He expressed his perplexity in a letter addressed to the Collector asking for approval to have a horse as a means of transport to work. 

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Why Did He Make Such A Request?

In the letter written to his employer, Deshmukh mentioned that he has been suffering from back pain for quite some time now. And that has made his commute to the office on a bike quite cumbersome.

Any other means of transport would be inaccessible or unaffordable for him. Therefore, a horse seems to be a pretty viable option.

His letter was not only an appeal to allow him to use a horse for going to work. It also asked for permission to tie the horse in the office premises. 

Letter seeking approval to commute to work on a horse

It was so out of the ordinary, that within a few hours of its submission, the letter went viral on social media. It added humour to the ongoing concerns about the rise in fuel prices.

In fact, a similar request was put forth a few days before this, where a lawyer, Dr. Harish Chandra Maurya, made a similar demand in the wake of the rising prices. 

In Deshmukh’s case, the reason was uncommon, and therefore the social media had a lot to say about it. Some started making fun of this odd demand, while the others sympathized with him.

But by the end of the day, the commentary was enough to make the applicant realize that this request could land him into more trouble medically.

Although Deshmukh was not available for comment, Deputy Collector Kulkarni, in an interview with Times Now, revealed that Satish was convinced of the medical advice and, therefore, he decided to withdraw the request. 

It seems that the new ‘normal’ would not just be new, but quite different from what we have witnessed in the past. As challenging as it is going to be, we should not forget to bargain for a few moments of amusement from it at the same time. 

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Sources: CNN-News18, Hindustan Times, Times Now

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