With many activities coming to a halt, the life of Piebald horses of Chennai’s Marina beach also stopped. Anyone familiar with Chennai and the people who grew up there is familiar with these well tamed and extremely friendly horses.

On normal days, when there are plenty of people to ride the horses, the owners earn sufficiently to feed themselves as well as the horses.

With a pandemic at hand, it was quite difficult to restock the food and the horses had to stay put, standing day and night in the scorching heat, starving to death.

Shiranee Pereira’s admirable work brought an end to their suffering

Seeing the harsh conditions Shiranee Pereira, an animal rights activist working for ‘People For Animals’ (PFA) took a step for their welfare.

While Chennai’s stock for wheat and bran had been already cleared, she still managed to get about 40 bags for immediate relief to the horses. But collecting the food wasn’t the only problem at hand, transporting the grains was also quite a task.

She petitioned to Chennai’s State Police, mentioning the names of all 117 horses to be fed so that she could get consent for driving the PFA van to all of them.

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Another stroke of luck for PFA and the horses

The chairman of the Madras Race Club, M A R M Muthiah made a notable contribution for the purpose and gave 5 lakhs for purchasing wheat bran flakes.

Pereira exclaimed her joy and relief on receiving the fund, stating “I can’t tell you how I feel”, and that “a great weight has rolled off my mind. This is an incredibly kind and compassionate gesture”.

She is at peace knowing that the horses finally had a meal and their starvation came to an end.

Finding love in lockdown

A horse named Jessie had a foal (baby horse) named Alex 2 weeks ago. The horses made the best use of the ‘privacy’ they got during the lockdown.

It brings immense joy to see the horses fed with both love and a good meal.

One can hope that other animals suffering in these circumstances also find the love and compassion these horses got.

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Sources: Rediff, Business Standard

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