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While there could be limitless reasons to curse this quarantine, I have reasons to consider it a blessing in disguise. 

I have never been in a situation like this before. Actually now, when I am homebound with my parents, I realize that there were so many dimensions of my relationship with them which remained untouched because none of us had the time to interact properly, given this fast-paced life of ours. Here, I will tell you some of the ways in which I came closer to my parents during this lockdown.

Watching Classic Movies Together

The obsession of my parents with the movies of their youth makes up for a cinematic experience at home. Every afternoon, a ‘new’ old movie is decided upon and we all sit together to watch it.

I really enjoy sitting together with my parents and taking a break from binge-watching on my laptop.

Trying New Recipes 

Even when we are on a break from almost everything, cooking trends just don’t stop taking the Internet by storm because hunger is the biggest constant. So, my mother-cum-great cook and I, vigilantly look for new recipes to try hands-on. 

Though poor me can hardly contribute to the cooking, later on, I click some nice shots of her mouth-watering dishes and do the cliché task of posting them on my stories, because why not? 

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Hair Cuts Are Not Only The Barber’s Cup Of Tea Now

Being a Marwari businessman, my father would hardly have any time to care for fashion. But this quarantine revealed a hidden side of my otherwise nerdy father. Not only do I love to see him giving my brother a smart haircut, but I also appreciate him for that.

Sunsets On The Terrace

Before this, I never realized how beautiful the sunset looks from my terrace, and they are all the more beautiful with my family together.

Earlier, it would be so hard to catch them- I had only mornings and nights at home, but now I have found the long-lost evenings which makes me wonder how much better life would be if these happy moments would always be a part of it.

The slowing down of our schedule and forced confinement have actually helped me bond better with my family, and this is something I intend to continue with even after the lockdown. 

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