Watch: Ways In Which Internet Created The Biggest Generation Gap Between Millennials & Their Parents

Is there EVER going to be a peace treaty signed? Waiting.

“I never spoke back to my parents like this”.

Whichever part of India you are from, this sentence is practically written in the parental Vedas of every Indian language.

Gen X parents (those born in 1961-1981) have the hardest time materializing the idea of a perfect parent-child relationship. Their children are mostly part of the generation that followed immediately- GenY, or popularly known as the Millennials.

For a long time, the informational and the emotional disparities between parents and children weren’t crude enough to make the understanding within themselves fall apart. Even though something felt wrong, having enough guts to question parental authority and the knowledge passed down were big things to consider. 

Most of the significant historical revolutions can be attributed to the questioning of social customs and practices by a few brave ones. But reformations happened over a number of decades, thus associating a particular instance to something that created any notable generation gaps can be hard. 

And then comes the internet.

It didn’t matter if our views were liberal or conservative, the internet gave us a 4-dimensional space to voice out what we believed in. Not only that, our opinions became modified with what others had to say.

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Constant exposure to foreign information, philosophies, and customs made an entire generation reform their thinking pattern, and even bring about topics that may be a taboo to discuss.

Thus, a sudden change in ideas distressed the ties between the last generation that did not have the internet and the first generation that got to use it: GenX and Millennials. 

Due to the late introduction of the internet to India, you can substitute the popular phrase “boomer behavior” with “GenX behavior” and it would also mean the same.

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