Watch: 7 Twitter Accounts of Corporate Honchos/ Business Owners You’d Love To Follow

These business accounts are a must follow if you are on Twitter

Whether you love Twitter or not, but if you own a business and recently made a Twitter account, you’d know that you definitely need to get a headstart by following a couple of great business accounts of top companies as well as that of business honchos that need to be followed.

Not every burgeoning company has that great a following on Twitter. So, one needs to choose wisely about who all to follow, so that you don’t end up getting your Twitter feed traffick-jammed.

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Also, you don’t necessarily need to follow back every company or business owner who follows you. Choose your following wisely people.

Here is a quick list of some of the best corporate accounts and company owners you should follow on Twitter:

While we mention the above, @AnandMahindra can’t be left too far behind or even @hvGoenka for that matter, where one is the Chairman of Mahindra Group and the latter is Chairman of US$3.80 billion worth RPG Group conglomerate.

Along with those, don’t forget to check out @RNTata2000 for Ratan Tata’s account or Amazon’s Jeff Bezos @JeffBezos


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