In a recent interview with TOI, Vidya Balan talked about being on the receiving end of plenty of criticism regarding various aspects of her professional and personal life. The torture she had to go through to deal with the body shamers was too overwhelming for her.

Vidya has touched on topics ranging from beauty standards for women to body positivity and many more through her works. 

“It was important for me to have gone through what I did. It was very public and at that time it was so insurmountable. I come from a non-film family. There was no one to tell me that these phases don’t last. My weight issue had become a national issue. I have always been a fat girl; I wouldn’t say that I am at a stage where my fluctuating weight doesn’t bother me anymore at all. But I have come a long way,” said the actress.

Vidya’s statement on being body shamed for so long

Vidya’s Journey To Loving Herself

Never has the journey to self-love and acceptance been easy. Vidya too wasn’t immune to the hardships yet she endured a great deal to have come this far. The anger, frustration, and testing of her patience occurred every step of the way. 

She went on to bare her soul out, “I have had hormonal issues all my life. For the longest time, I hated my body. I thought it had betrayed me. On the days I was under the pressure of looking my best, I would bloat up and I would be so angry and frustrated.”

The grass does look greener on the other side because they water it. Likewise, Vidya battled with the issue and did not let the mockery or judgment get to her. Nor did she pay any heed to the malicious mentalities who have nothing better to do in life.

Their lives revolve around others’ lives and the contentment they get from scandalizing others’ images proves they are nothing but sadists. Most terrible ones at that.

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But On The Brighter Side

Despite the ridicule, the actress never gave up. She did have phases of self-depreciation and darkness but eventually came out stronger and more empowered. 

“What happened is that I began to love and accept myself a little more each day and therefore, I became more acceptable to people. They began to shower me with love and accolades and appreciation and all of that.”

When the acceptance and love Vidya showered on herself became known to the common eye, the place from where she was viewed changed drastically. People began realizing how confident and capable the woman is. 

Not that validation is needed, but the actress has given us all major self-love goals and has also inspired us to be bold, confident, and proficient in whatever we do.

Vidya working for the ‘Shiksha ki ore’ initiative
‘Chote Kadam’, an initiative supported by the actress

As for her works, the actress has allowed us to witness her in lots of bold, powerful, and inspiring roles.

Breaking stereotypes and smashing the patriarchy

In the end, society’s opinions on a person’s body cannot define their work and talent. Vidya Balan has proven this.

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