By Somnath Mallela

It has almost been six months that my dad hasn’t spoken a word to me. Neither does he eat on the same table as I do nor does he stay in the same room that I do. Reason for such a distance even when we stay in the same house ― unknown.

I have received no reason from him in the past six months despite several trials. All I get to hear from my mom is, that according to dad, I’ve started taking too much liberty, which I actually haven’t, and that I’ve started disrespecting him, which I clearly haven’t because still, I respect him more than anyone else in this world.

There was a time that my eyes stayed red for a week and were watering due to excessive work on the laptop during late night hours. That became the point of discontinuity of my dad’s relationship with me. He apparently thought I was smoking weed, and hence the red eyes.

Communication In Relationships

Why Communication Is So Important!

Please, for God’s sake, keep your relationship with your dad as healthy as possible, because once the doubts and misunderstandings creep in, you will lose him even when he is sitting right next to you, just like I did.

I had a very good relationship with my father in terms of growing up and developing as an individual. He taught me life lessons no one else would teach me. He sacrificed a lot and spent a lot of money on my education.

But, what he did not spend with me is friendly time. Every son needs his father to be friendly, not just in words, but in the real sense.

Because, no matter what people say about girls having all the trouble in this world in their lives, guys have troubles too, sometimes of magnitudes unimaginable to others. He always told me he was my friend, but when it came to actually being a friend, I got a father.

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To all the fathers reading this, please trust your son for once and talk to him like he wants to talk to you. Please do not force onto him what you think is best for him, before finding out if he actually is happy with it.

To all the sons reading this, please go and tell your dad you love him before it’s too late and open up with your deepest secrets to him. It will be a hard time dealing with the aftereffects of opening up suddenly like that with so many things, but you will have your dad with you.

My relationship with my father is on a downhill, and I’m not happy about it. I wish I could actually do something. He isn’t able to understand me as a father, and probably, very true, that I’m not able to understand him as a son. Both ways, its my loss and I regret it.

Keep loving your dad, keep sharing your life with him, and trust me, he will be the best guide you will ever get.

Sometimes relations in life do not remain stable. It is our job to try and make them stable as far as possible. Without trying, nothing will ever workout.

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