A peculiar incident was brought to light when a pair of biological twins, separated at birth and oblivious of each other’s existence, were reunited after 19 whole years through the social media platform, TikTok. 

What Is The Story? 

Amy and Ano, a pair of identical twins who lived only a few miles away in Georgia, United States, met each other for the first time in the state capital of Tbilisi. This one-of-a-kind journey began when Amy was watching a TV show “Georgia’s Got Talent” and stumbled upon a woman who looked just like her.

While Ano got a TikTok video that had a woman with blue hair, who had an uncanny resemblance to her. “It was like looking in a mirror, the exact same face, exact same voice. I am her and she is me,” said Amy.

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How Were They Separated?

Reports inform that the mother of the twins, Aza Shoni, had fallen into a coma because of undisclosed birth complications in 2002. The woman’s husband, Gocha Gakharia, decided to separate the twins by selling them. Thus, Amy grew up in Georgia’s Zugdidi and Ano in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi and both of them were unaware of each other’s existence.

In fact, neither of the adoptive families was aware that the girls were twins and despite having splurged a lot of money on this adoption, they had not realised they had charted into illegal territory.

Amy found a Facebook group that was dedicated to reuniting families in Georgia with children suspected to have been illegally adopted at birth and shared their story. 

How Did The Twins Reunite With Their Biological Mother?

Amy was desperate to meet Shoni, but Ano wasn’t. “Why do you want to meet the person that could have betrayed us? This is the person who could have sold you, she’s not going to tell you the truth,” Ano claimed.

However, the duo later did meet their biological mother, Shoni in Germany. The trio embraced upon seeing one another and while Amy got emotional, Ano was stoic and even looked a bit irritated upon meeting Shoni. 

The twins informed that their mother explained to them about going into a coma after giving them birth and was told that her children had died after she awoke. Shoni believed that meeting her twin girls had given her life a new meaning.

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