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As the festive lights adorned the streets, and the aroma of sweets filled the air, I found myself back in the heart of my hometown for Diwali. A wave of nostalgia swept over me as I stepped into the familiar lanes and heard the echoes of laughter that once defined home. Yet, amidst the warmth of family and the glow of festive lights, an unsettling truth dawned upon me – home didn’t feel like home anymore.

Being a student studying in another state has its share of adventures and challenges. The independence and new experiences have shaped me in ways I never imagined. But as I returned to the place that had been synonymous with comfort and belonging, I couldn’t help but feel like a visitor in my own sanctuary.

The transformation was subtle yet profound. The room that once held the echoes of my childhood laughter now seemed smaller, and the walls that witnessed countless stories felt distant. The streets that echoed with familiar sounds now seemed like a distant melody, drowned by the bustling chaos of my college town. Home, once a haven of tranquility, now echoed with the noise of change.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is meant to illuminate every corner of our lives. However, as I stood in the midst of the dazzling display, I couldn’t escape the shadows of change that had crept into the very fabric of my home. The traditions that once felt ingrained in the walls now seemed like distant echoes of a bygone era.

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The people, too, had evolved. Family dynamics shifted, and the laughter that once echoed harmoniously now carried the cadence of time’s passage. It wasn’t a negative change, but rather a realization that the sands of time spare none, not even the sacred grounds of one’s home.

As I sat down for the traditional Diwali feast, I couldn’t help but feel like an observer in a tableau of memories. The flavors that once tasted like the essence of home now carried a hint of the unfamiliar. It wasn’t the fault of the food or the traditions – it was the evolution of my own palate and perspective.

Perhaps, it’s the price we pay for growth and exploration. As a student navigating the challenges of education in a different state, I’ve embraced a new chapter of life. However, with every step forward, a part of me longs for the simplicity of yesteryears, when home was not just a place but a feeling.

In the midst of the glittering festivities, I came to terms with the bittersweet reality – home may not feel the same because I am not the same. As the lights faded, and I bid adieu to the familiar streets, I carried the realization that home, like Diwali, is a celebration that evolves with time, and sometimes, the greatest illumination comes from within.

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