A punishment is something one has suffer from when they are doing something wrong or explicitly against rules set by an organisation.

In our school time, I’m sure many of us have been punished for a variety of reasons and in various manners. Whether it standing outside the class with your hands or an Indian classic, becoming a ‘murga’.

But just when we thought we had left all that in our childhood, the Mumbai Police proved us wrong.

In a recent incident, the Mumbai Police was seen punishing a group of five men by making them do the ‘murga walk’.

What Happened?

This was first noticed by Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra group who posted a video that has now gone viral on Twitter:

The police soon came out and explained how this happened on Monday afternoon at the Marine Drive in South Mumbai.

The men were reportedly trying to enter the sea from the promenade area that surrounds the sea. They were then noticed by a team of police officers who were on patrolling duty at that time.

The police let them walk away after this punishment and a warning about the safety hazard that their actions could cause.

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Quickly many people commented on this, some finding it funny and some making other observations.


However, it seems like the punishment was not for not wearing masks. The police clarified this:

Even senior inspector Vishwanath Kolekar of Marine Drive police station explained that the men were being punished for their attempts at entering the water from the promenade area.

Their acts could be extremely dangerous and harm them if something wrong had happened. The punishment was not given because they weren’t wearing masks as stated in Mahindra’s tweet.

What do you think, was this an appropriate way to punish people who are flaunting some rule or another? Should the Mumbai Police have gone the standard route and gone as per the book? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sources: The Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Moneycontrol

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