Generation Z is defined by the people born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s. This puts the age of the generation between 15 to 25 currently. 

Aims to Right The Wrong

One of the biggest mistakes that the millennials committed was missing a chance for a financial boom after the Great Recession (2008) slowly waned. 

The recession brought hardships to elderly family members, leading to the general distrust of large corporations and having built a critical skill set called entrepreneurship.

Generation Y or colloquially, “Millennials”

Gen Z entrepreneurs see the mistakes, the deficits, and the demands around them and try to fulfill them in a unique manner which results in profit and solves the problem at hand in society. 

Money, Education, And Societal Norms

The millennials had heavy loans to pay off their education, but the Gen Z population learned from it. Due to a busted economy, low minimum wage, and high college tuition, the Gen Z population now thinks twice before going for higher education.

The first thing that rides their mind is the student loan. Although higher education often results in better-paid jobs, the crushing debts of student loans may mean years before one gets to enjoy life post-education. The means do not justify the ends in this scenario.

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The education that is provided to Generation Z is mostly theoretical and has little to no real-life impact. In school, we are taught about certain concepts and in college, we are asked to forget everything we learned in school.

We are not taught how to do taxes, file applications to the Government, change a punctured tire, and several other things that can make our lives easier. 

Gen Z is the first generation to be born with the internet

We are the first generation to have the internet from a very young age. This brings about the mingling of cultures and realizing that stereotyping is wrong. We have learned to change opinions upon the discovery of new data. As a result, we are more outspoken about the wrong in general. 

Some Adjustments

Gen Z and millennials are differentiated by a year’s gap according to definitions, but in reality, it is all a grey area of transition. To properly define societal adjustments that define these two categories, we need to know the subtle differences that define them.

Gen Z is a generation for the future, cleaning up their own messes

If millennials define Instagram as perfection, Gen Z is about being flawed and still loving yourself. Gen Z is about truth and reality, while millennials are about aspirations and dreams. Millennials are about definitions, while Gen Z is about transcending them. 

In the end, we’re all humans trying to make sense of the world we’re living in through our own experiences. Millennial or Gen Z, we all have our flaws and we all keep learning.

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