A dead soul in a living body! The saga of modern life! In the contemporary heyday, so many of us are entirely engrossed in toiling day and night that we forget or ignore that our soul exists. For any problem, big or small, severe or moderate, we tend to look outside for answers. So why not look for answers within yourself? Your soul is sitting there in the dazzling zone of yourself, observing and enduring all the best and worst things that you throw upon it. It is not a cliché that you will get all answers by looking inside yourself. After many years of writing series of academic books Dr. Jyuthica. K. Laghate has come up with this unique gem, “Soul Séances.” Séances are messages from the dead. She has used this metaphor to highlight the seriousness of our dead souls in living bodies because we don’t nourish these energy powerhouses in our body or believe in “Self Power and Spiritual Journey.”

Dr. Jyuthica. K. Laghate is a celebrated teacher, mentor, and author with a body of work in advanced English teaching, dentistry, and research. She has been a national ranker in Teaching Professionals Olympiad and has been training innumerable students for more than a decade and shaping their dreams to study abroad in premier universities. Her writing style is one of its kind, with more profound messages about society and self-conveyed very simply through poignant story plots and articulate vocabulary and craft.

Unlike many spiritual books that are immensely complex and weighty, this book has a light charm and worthy philosophies. These are conveyed via the central protagonist, a middle-aged lady named Jeeva Sharma, who is burdened by the termination of daily living, and she starts having these seemingly unusual but life-changing conversations with her soul.

In one of the intriguing conversations, she asks her soul, “What is your size”?

The soul instantly replies,” Imagine yourself to be a long tall candle, and I am just the flame.” Every day, she communicates with her soul and transforms her existence from a frail, shy one to an enlightened, empowered, and joyful self.

Concepts of soul and the power of soulful existence are not merely theoretical constructs but have a considerable significance and relevance in modern life. It is as easy as being your best friend and not feeling dismal if you don’t get social media validation or social appreciation and inclusion.

This book entails a message that can change the way you look at yourself. The instances in the book are relatable and resonate with so many individuals and females going through this traumatic mental phenomenon called “Contemporary existence and trying to fit in whenever you just can’t and shouldn’t.” 

Some of the other books written by the prolific author are ‘An Empty-Handed Altruist’ focusing on the power of selfless giving and ‘Advanced Vocabulary’ and ‘Critical reasoning’ guides.

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