Designer brands are usually in demand due to the real life status quo they set. Flaunting the big names on your body for the world to see is solid proof of how wealthy that person is to afford such luxury.

But it seems that the virtual world is soon going to adopt the same thing with Meta planning to launch its digital clothing store and hosting digital fashion but the money involved in all this is very very real.

Till now, the digital sector did have such brands, but they more of just a fake-play thing where users would just name stores and buildings using these big name brands, but it was known that it was all made up and just a part of playing a certain game. Someone having a store called ‘Chanel’ didn’t mean they actually sold items from the brand, and there was certain no real money involved.

Meta Having Real Designer Brands

On 17th July 2022 in a live video Meta Platform’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Meta would soon be launching its digital clothing store. This would enable users to buy virtual designer clothing for their avatars on the Metaverse.

Apparently, designer fashion brands like Balenciaga, Prada and Thom Browne are going to be offering their virtual outfits. As per reports, a Meta spokesperson stated that the price for these outfits could be between $2.99 to $8.99.

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This is literal pennies when compared to their real-life prices, considering that rada’s Matinee ostrich leather bag is for a whopping $10,700. The aim with this digital clothing store is to make it into an eventual open marketplace where people can create and sell their digital clothes just like a real life shop or store.

Avatars in the Meta universe have really picked up speed with which they are evolving and how much they can do. Becoming almost a stand-in for their real life persona, Avatars can not only play games but also interact with one another, attend conference calls and more.

It won’t be that long before some avatars from Meta are flaunting all these big brands while some others are visiting the local digital markets to buy budget clothing. Now people gotta worry not just about their real life clothing but also their virtual avatar’s clothing.

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