We all know that with every passing year, the cost of petrol and diesel will keep on increasing. But what if someone tells you that you can now buy 1-litre petrol in just 40 rupees? You must be thinking about how a blogger is just faking out of nowhere! If you are already assuming, let me burst the bubble of confusion and tell you the truth!

So whatever I told you earlier, it is all true. Now you can get 1-litre petrol or diesel in just 40 rupees. A mechanical engineer of Hyderabad has done the unthinkable by making petrol out of used plastic and is now selling it at a cheap price of just 40 rupees.

A remarkable research

Satish Kumar, a 45-year-old professor had used dead plastic and created fuel from them. He founded a company registered with the Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises.

When asked about this research and discovery, the professor said that with the help of this process, diesel, aviation fuel and petrol can be produced from non-recyclable plastic. 400 litres of fuel can be produced from 500 kg of plastic. As the process happens in a vacuum, it does not even pollute the air. 

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How petrol is created from plastic?

Though the process is lengthy, the process of creating fuel from dead plastic is not very tedious. As plastic is a polymer, it needs to be de-polymerised during this process.

After de-polymerisation, the dead plastic is put in a vacuum chamber and along with other essential ingredients, they get heated to 350 – 400 degrees celsius. This causes gasification. The pre-installed inline distillation system separates petrol, diesel and high-speed diesel.

Benefits of fuel created from plastic

The usability of this fuel for vehicles is yet to be tested in cars. Professor Satish said that their motive behind starting this factory is to save nature and the environment. According to him, they are not doing it with expectations of commercial benefits.

“We are only trying to do our bit to ensure a cleaner future. We are ready to share our technology with any interested entrepreneur,” he added. It is believed that soon these fuels can be utilised for vehicles and other equipment that run with petrol and diesel.

It is great to see such an initiative where people are making honest efforts to save the environment and coming up with such innovative ideas of not only making petrol or fuel but to recycle plastics to make better use of it.

Professor Satish and his wife Sheela hope that the government will notice their initiative and they too will come up to help this cause and will make an effort to save the environment.

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Content sources: News 18, The News Minute

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