Every time you pick up the newspaper to go through the news, do you have the eerie feeling of déjà vu? Well, I do. Maybe because I am a movie buff. Or maybe because the newspaper headlines do actually feel a lot like we are living in the introductory scenes of a post-apocalyptic movie.

Okay, wait. Don’t hit the ‘big red button’ of panic already, rather let’s take things in proper order. Just like that one ‘great’ man who once said, “Aap chronology samajh lijie.”

Peaceful times

Every good old post-apocalyptic-world war movie starts with people enjoying their peaceful times before all hell breaks loose. Given that this is reality and not a movie, this one starts with a peace treaty that ends an 18-year-long war.

A Tech Genius/Entrepreneur Wants To Take The Next Step To The Future

The Sun’s newspaper article

With Earth having limited resources, and overpopulation not helping the blue planet, there’s always that tech genius who shows the way to leave the planet and make some other planet our new home. Yes, we have Elon Musk.

And, if you can’t relate this to a movie, you need to watch Wall-E.

This is a still image from the movie Wall-E, which shows a newspaper article about a company’s CEO declaring global emergency as too much of thrash has covered up the earth.

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Incidentally, in the movie this very CEO and his company arranges for the inhabitants of the earth to leave the planet and find a home in some-planet else.

Pandemonium, Chaos and Riots = Genocide

With depleting resources, government officials are living in mansions while the common man fights for food. The population is divided into groups, class, districts or factions and there’s one section of the population who remains excluded and are kept outside the wall.

When the people raise their voice against their governments, they are silenced with the police force. When riots break out, military steps in to deal with the chaos and when the governments fail to silence the revolts or a particular group, they look towards genocide as their way out.

Meanwhile, they organize games and sports events to keep the common man distracted from what’s happening around them.

Ok, this is the mashed-up plot of Hunger Games and Divergent. And if you can’t relate to the plot with newspaper headlines, let me help.

A still image from the movie divergent that shows the wall which is built by the government to keep a section of the population outside
Reports from BBC and Metro on the Trump wall, that’s supposed to keep the Mexicans out.
From top-right: Still images from Hunger Games series that shows a person being detained for raising his voice against the government; the other two images are newspaper cutouts, one shows Ramachandra Guha being detained by the police for protesting and the other is about internet shutdowns in India, speak for themselves.
From top: Images from Hunger Games series; News reports of India vs Sri Lanka T20I cricket match being played in Guwahati, while people of Assam were disturbed by amendment of CAA.

Virus Outbreak Leading To The Apocalypse

Until now, I had doubts about whether we were already living in a post-apocalyptic world, until Coronavirus happened.

Have you watched Resident Evil?

Stills from the movie Resident Evil, where the protagonist is getting attacked by hoards of zombies

In the movie series, there’s a T-virus that mutates human beings, gets them killed and makes a zombie out of them. In the movie, although the virus is detected, they fail to contain it. And as expected, the virus consumes the entire planet and hence the setting of a post-apocalyptic world.

In the movies, the virus spreads because of an evil biotechnology and pharmaceutical company named Umbrella Corporation. And in Wuhan, China, there’s a Biotech company named RLSW. Interestingly both of them have similar logos, and also Wuhan is where the spread of Coronavirus was first detected.

Hey, I am not saying there’s any ‘Illuminati-conspiracy theory’ going on, because this similarity feels like just a coincidence. Kind of.

Anyway, now that we have a genocidal event by the government, a virus outbreak that’s taking lives, a wall (which we hopefully can use to keep ourselves safe from zombies, like in World War Z) and plans to leave the planet, all we need is few mutated animals and few of Frankenstein’s monsters to chase us during the zombie outbreak.

Sorry, did I use the joke too soon?

Image Sources: Google Images

Sources: The Sun, The Guardian, India Today, The Telegraph

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