Earlier there had been much commotion around the BTS version of the popular word guessing Wordle. In the same essence, the game BTS Heardle was created by the Twitter user and BTS fan @btschartdata.

The name joins the words ‘Heard+Wordle’ to become Heardle, considering the game is based on BTS’ song lyrics and also has a slightly different format as compared to Wordle. In addition to the guesses, players also get an additional audio clip as a hint and to figure out what the song is.

The game opens with an instructional manual opened, that tells how exactly how to play the game and how the hints will keep coming.

You are supposed to read the lyrics and then select the song from the drop-down option given. You cannot use the audio hint as it is eligible only after the first attempt.

Once you’ve used at least your first chance you can listen to the audio clip, which will only get longer the more wrong answers you give. At first you only hear 3 seconds of the audio, and it slowly gets longer as you keep playing.

Of course, not to brag or anything (obviously since I’m such an incredibly humble person) but I guessed the answer on my second attempt itself.

My happiness over affirming my status as a fan was short-lived though when I saw that many other ARMYs had actually guessed the song on their first attempt itself.

Based on the lyrics I knew it was from early era BTS but could not place which song itself the lyrics were from. Of course, the audio clip was the key to the answer, it barely took a second to figure out the song then.


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ARMYs Loving It

The BTS fanbase understandably is loving the game, many posting about playing it online, even leading to ‘BTS Heardle’ getting to trend worldwide.


The only question is, how long did it take you to guess the song? Let us know in the comments below.

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