Watch: Deadliest Wars In History That Aren’t World Wars

The unanticipated war between Ukraine and Russia has become the most widely discussed and debated matter in recent times.

It threw the world’s politics, economy, and global market systems into disarray, and international leaders’ diplomatic efforts to address the issue have yielded no results. It is being regarded worldwide as the Third World War.

As per the Oxford dictionary, “a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country,” is termed as war. It is an activity that humanity has been engaged in since the dawn of time.

According to the earliest evidence of human fighting, the first conflict occurred around 13,000 years ago near the Egypt-Sudan boundary. This fight is thought to have arisen as a result of rivalry for resources, namely water.

However, there are a variety of elements that might lead to war: poverty, poor government leadership, civil unrest, religion, territorial disputes, resources, and a variety of other factors have all contributed to the majority of wars in human history.

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Countless battles have been fought around the world throughout history over issues such as religious differences, territorial disputes, politics, and ethnicity.

While war is always destructive (and costly), there have been a few wars throughout history aside from the two World Wars that have been particularly disastrous in terms of both deaths and overall destruction. The video below talks about 6 such wars in history that weren’t World Wars but were no less destructive.

The bulk of persons killed in the deadliest wars of all time are innocent civilians, as is the case in most wars. While humans routinely launch violent conflicts in order to assert their superiority over others, the results are a huge loss of lives and resources and never worth the carnage.

Do wars have a necessary purpose or should we work towards a world where it ceases to exist? Can it ever be possible? Let us know your views in the comments down below!

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