LinkedIn is a social networking site, which was created to connect with people for professional purposes. It largely acts as an employment and business-oriented service but recently, people have started misusing the platform.

These days, men are using LinkedIn as an alternative to dating websites. They try to make use of the power dynamic and under the garb of offering lucrative opportunities, they often creep, stalk or harass women.

As a student and as someone with not a lot of contacts in my field of interest, at times it gets very difficult to get work/internships/jobs of my choice. One of the options then is to resort to platforms like LinkedIn in order to connect with people for better opportunities.

Keeping something similar in mind, I joined LinkedIn. Since I was actively looking for good internship opportunities then, I started making connections on the platform. In no time, I had hundreds of connections and to my surprise, an inbox full of creepy messages.

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These messages varied from people asking for no resume or qualifications and directly inviting me for their “so called internships” to people asking me about my personal life. The language and the words used to address me varied from “love”, “dear”, “babes” to what not.

I was shocked to see this. Despite keeping so many filters on and not revealing any confidential information about myself, people even managed to stalk me on my other social media handles via whatever little information about me was available on LinkedIn.

When I discussed this issue in my circle, I realised this wasn’t just the case with me. Various women have faced the same issue on the platform. Many others have faced it to the extent of harassment.

Today, in the morning, a similar thread was trending on LinkedIn where a woman was addressed by inappropriate terms in a professional conversation where she asked a recruiter for a job description of the post he was offering.

All this is doing nothing but reducing the sanctity of the platform and taking away the good from it. If utilised right, LinkedIn can build great communities where people can actually professionally help each other and achieve a lot.

It’s about time we bring forward such perverts and cleanse the platform. LinkedIn needs to stop being the Tinder for people at power looking to take advantage of freshers in the professional world.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being on Tinder. But the problem with people turning LinkedIn into Tinder is the fact that on Tinder people consent to dealing with other people’s shit unlike on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is supposed to be a safe environment for people genuinely looking for employment or other professional opportunities. Let’s please remember this and keep ourselves as well as others in check accordingly!

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  1. Women: writing articles all over the net about why they need to stalk their crush on LinkedIn
    Also women: men are creepy losers if they stalk their crush on LinkedIn!


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