We’re a revolutionary generation. With the advent of texting and modern technology, we’ve revolutionised our language and made it a mix of abbreviations, mixed words, phrases, conjoined words etc.

Millennials have moved from SMSes to WhatsApp and the language has greatly evolved.

Or let’s say, degraded?

In this digital age, the millennials have no time to communicate in proper English. They prefer typing short forms and have invented a whole new vocabulary. The millennials are not even creative or innovative enough to have more worthwhile language usage.

From typing, “Will you be my love?”, we’ve gone to “Who’s my BAE?”

Despite being a millennial, I get confused with the language used nowadays. Statements like, “Hy Pls meet 2morrow” makes no sense at the first glance.

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Right from expressing compassion to shock to anger, everything is now ILY, TC, OMG, IDGAF, LOL, ROFL, LMAO.

No, these are not random alphabets put together. They all have meanings attached to them and this is how the youth today converses.

Are you even aware of this “woke” world?

According to me, millennial lingo is the most useless form of communication.

Here’s why-

#BAE (Before Anyone Else)

You would’ve seen people using BAE quite regularly while captioning pictures, right?

It’s sad if you have to shorten words to express your love or concern for your near and dear ones. How long is the term “BABE” that this generation has further shortened it to “BAE”?


This expression is a conjoined term using two words i.e hungry and angry. The expression depicts a situation when an individual is angry because he’s hungry.

This generation has gone this low to sound chic. It’s sad.


This means, acting suspiciously or shady. One has to simply shorten already formed words and reduce their worth to make it into a millennial lingo.

#Hundo P (100%)

One of the purposes of language is also to sound eloquent but there’s no such thing within the millennial vocabulary.

#Sorry Not Sorry

Millennials can’t get over fake apologies and with “Sorry not Sorry”, they’ve proved it. It  simply translates down to the bloated ego this generation has.

Sorry is an expression of regret or apology. But this version of Sorry is upright rude and unnecessary.

#TD (To die for)

Almost everything has been shortened to an acronym. Short, simple, easy words have also been converted into acronyms.

#Many more lingos like basic, on fleek, STAN (Stalker + Fan), BRB, HMU, DGAF, POTD, HBD (the list goes on) are some more examples of extremely pretentious vocabulary.

Millennials are not only unoccupied but also unimaginative which shows in their language.

Well, let’s hope it’s only the millennials who’ve adapted this language and future generations can rectify some of it.

Till then Netflix and chill!

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