Recently, a viral video has been doing rounds on the Internet and has been seen by more than 6 million people on Instagram. The video went viral for its inflammatory content about the miseries of an Indore based stray dog rescuer.

In the video, a young woman named Sakshi Sharma, a resident of Tilak Nagar in Indore says that she might even commit suicide as she is done with the ill-treatment shown by her local police over the constant harassment done by the men from the nearby slaughterhouse of her locality.

What Is The Issue?

The video opens up with a warning that this is her last video and her only ray of hope for justice. She then introduces herself as Sakshi Sharma and shares her unfortunate story. Sakshi tells us that she is a stray dog rescuer and has rescued over 45 dogs who stay with her at her Tilak Nagar residence.

In the video, she blames the local police for their negligence and misogynist behaviour. Sakshi mentions that she has raised many complaints about some cattle owners who would come outside her house in the evening and take drugs.

She mentions that these men are from the nearby slaughterhouse, and have been constantly harassing her for over 10 months now.

Sakshi breaks down in the video and says that she has been approaching the police for the last 10 months for help but was always neglected and humiliated.

Over the last 10 months, these people have been taking drugs right outside my house. They have made it difficult for me to step out of the house after 5 in the evening. When I reported the matter to the Tilak Nagar Police, they told me that it is happening because there is no male member in your family, you’re unmarried, and there are dogs in your house,” she said in the video.

Not only this, she further mentions that they even broke her hand a few days back and have taken one of her dogs. All of this is getting unbearable for her as she cannot see anybody harming her dogs but the entire situation is so helpless that she might even die because of such torture.

Is All Of This An Act?

The heart-wrenching video gained a lot of attention on the Internet and many people came forward to help her. Since the matter is very crucial as it involves both police negligence and animal abuse, several social activists came forward to help the woman and serve her with justice.

However, a shocking series of events happened when the matter was investigated and Tilak Nagar Police was questioned about the same.

The Indore police clarified that they have already catered to her complaint and also filed a case on March 9, 2020, against a man named Shobha Ram.

The police mention that her initial complaint was about, “cattle owners would graze their animals in the area, thereby causing inconvenience to her dogs. We have directed our officers to resolve the issue. Having said that, the cattle owners need to earn their livelihood.

The police deny her claims of inaction and bad behaviour stating that the First Information Report (FIR) was lodged on the basis of her complaint under Sections 112, 323, 506 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), thus her claims are baseless and null.

Following the same, another big revelation was made by the police regarding this case which says that the woman herself is a fraud. Recent news suggests that the woman’s real name is Samrin Bano and she has multiple cases against her in various cities like Noida and Dadri. 

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Further investigations suggest that the woman is originally from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh who has a history of milking money through fraudulent ways in the name of donation for stray dogs’ shelter.

Reportedly, she is an imposter who pretends to be an animal activist and collects money from people to support street dogs. Once she has enough money, she leaves that place, running away with all the money and repeats the same crime in a new city under a new identity.

Reacting To Such Fake News

Such a turn in the case has left social media bemused and people are still confused about who to believe. There are people who are denying the police investigation as a conspiracy and are sympathizing with the woman. On the other hand, some people are giving it a communal turn considering the imposter bears a Muslim identity.

However, on further research, it has been noticed that no fake video claims have been proved to be true yet.

Considering the desperation of the woman in the video, it will be inhumane to make such strong claims on someone without solid proof.

Another side of the story also suggests that fake video news might have been brought up to clean the image of the police by discrediting the girl. Thus, we leave the matter to be enquired by senior authorities before jumping to any conclusions.

Not much has been released about the case, but the big question is if the woman already had so many cases registered against her then why was she not caught till now?

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Sources: Times Of India, NDTV, News18 + more

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