Kashmir and violence are mostly read together, and it’s been a long time since peace and Kashmir have been used in a single sentence.

Since the 1990s, when the insurgency in the valley rose, the livelihood of the minorities there became a major issue. This further led to the mass killings of the Kashmiri Pandits, who also had to flee from their land and find refuge in various parts of India.

The riots and the bloodshed that started then hasn’t ended yet. Rather, with the attempts of suppressing terrorism in the valley, the insurgents have again started crazy shootings and killings. People who are either Hindus or non-inhabitants of the valley have been killed over the past few weeks and it only makes the situation of insurgency worse.

What’s Happening In The Valley?

The place that should have been known for its heavenly views and flattering atmosphere in the heart of the Himalayan Mountain range is known as a conflicted piece of land where the tourists can’t take a single breath of freedom.

Let alone outsiders, the people of our own country fear to visit the valley, considering the number of killings and the uncertainty of life that occurs the moment one steps foot in the region.

Kashmiri Pandit

Recently, there has been a surge in violence in the valley owing to multiple militant attacks on civilians. Since October, there have been 33 deaths in the heavily militarized zone and so far, the security forces have failed to curb it.

The migrant workers and non-Kashmiri Muslims are being targeted by the militants and being shot mercilessly. The matter went viral for the mainstream media only when a prominent personality and the owner of a pharmacy, who happened to be a Kashmiri Pandit, was killed by the militants in broad daylight.

Thereafter, two teachers, one of which was a Bihari migrant, were killed in a government school in Srinagar. It rose alert amongst politicians and security forces; however, the killings continue.

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Political Situation In Kashmir

Since the abolition of Article 377, there hasn’t been a stable political movement in the valley. There is no ruling party in Kashmir and the state is being governed under the President’s Rule by the Lieutenant Governor.

This lack of stable leadership has given birth to a constructive power vacuum which has led to the locals rethinking the future of the region. Further, after the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban and India’s rising tensions with China, the militants have become more courageous than ever.

They are getting ample support from the Pakistani government and military and Afghanistan’s Taliban government, who are hell bent on creating ruckus in the region.

Despite the concerns of human rights activists against the stripping away of the special status from the Jammu and Kashmir state, where they cited that it would lead to Muslims being oppressed, only the Hindu population is getting targeted. This, however, doesn’t mean that the inhabitants of the valley are the wrongdoers.

Militants are being sent from across the border and some traitors sitting within the valley are orchestrating these attacks. Oftentimes, they get caught or are killed in encounters with security forces but these clashes cost the nation her sons as well.

The trend of violence, which has resurrected with a vigour, isn’t a good sign for the Indian polity and the peaceful agenda of the Indian government. If this continues, it will lead to a sorry state in the valley, creating a return of the 1990 era of horror.

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