It’s time to fly high. It’s time to get back to work again. It’s not the work of your profession, but the work of your underrated passion.

Because SOLVE, India’s largest youth-led organization, aiming at solving complex ground-level problems via youth-led community-driven initiatives backed by data, innovation and technology, is back with its yet another super fun event, and this time with its first and fabulous online cultural fiesta YATRA, under the Indian Road Safety Campaign.

Get ready to witness the diversity of different forms; of art and creativity. Get ready to witness the true meaning of “learning is fun”. Gear up to digitally compete with the nation. Gear up to win exciting prizes and gifts for your talent.

Because YATRA is all set to take you on a journey filled with fun, values and morals for you to become an awakened citizen of this country.

YATRA thereby presents you, a profusion of online competitions to turn you lively and energetic in these troubled times through the entire month of August from 5th to 23rd.

Registrations begin on the 5th of August and the last date to register is 23rd August. Here’s a little bit on the events:-

ShutterBug: Photography Competition

Capture the beauty of travel and life by depicting the present circumstances. Let people know the power of your imagination through the moments you capture.

Dikhega Toh Bikega: Ad Mad Competition

Move your pens and cursors to make the most eye-catching advertisement themed under the Road Safety Awareness. Put all your creativity and show the best of your manipulative skills through ads.

Qahira: Poetry And Storytelling Competition

Dive into the beauty of words and express your thoughts about the beauty and importance of life. Allow your pen to do wonders in order to give your words a platform.

Meme-O-Mania: Meme and Comic Making Competition

Rise up to the occasion and fuel your inner sarcasm. Make memes and comics related to the road safety awareness, and teach the world about its importance through the medium of fun and laughter.

Jhalak: Dance Competition

Give your dance moves a platform to seek appreciation and accolades. Participants may perform any form of dance within the time frame of five minutes.

Kalakriti: Sketching/Painting/Doodling Competition

Be the SHREY of your SRIJAN. Be the artist of your art. Draw any piece of art of your choice, under the Road Safety Awareness theme. Prove yourself through the colours of your pen and let people decipher your thoughts through your art.

Bottoms-Up: Stand-up comedy competition

Set your inner Zakir Khan and Mr.Upmanyu into play. If you have the ability to conquer minds through your humour, then create jokes and speak up on anything you wish to.

Nirvana: Singing and Instrument Playing Competition

Time to uplift the inner nightingales within you.Sing and play out loud and heal the world through your voice. Participate and give your beautiful voice a platform.

Role with Soul: Monologue Competition

Conquer hearts and minds through the power and wit of your words.Participants are required to  perform a monologue of their choice that can be from any Hindi/English feature-length film or originally written by them.

Ace the Case: Case study Competition

Participants will be allotted a business entity and a case study based on the same. They are required to write about their official position on the issue as brought about in the case study, the concerns pertaining to the given issue, and the relevant policy implications and solutions that the business would like to work upon.

As the whole structure of this event is themed under the idea “Awareness towards Road Safety”, YATRA is an initiative to enlighten people about the dire need of the time to switch onto a more organised and awakened lifestyle as an Indian citizen.

Therefore, YATRA aims at targeting the aspiring youth community through these brisk and brainy competitions in order to bring them to the realisation about Road Safety ethics.

YATRA is perfectly designed to suit different interests of all the participants and is keen enough to honour the winners with exciting prizes consisting of exclusive vouchers and goodies by its gifting partners including The Souled Store, Zoomin, The Zokart, Surat Diamonds, and Stubborn Factory!

So folks buckle-up tight, and schedule your clocks and calendar, because YATRA is coming to take you all to a rollercoaster ride of fun and lots of learning.

If you have the zeal to prove yourself, if you are finding a platform to leave the impression of your thoughts in front of a huge crowd, then you have stopped at the right junction.

YATRA welcomes your zeal, your talent, your ability to learn and express, and thus invites you all to become the best version of yourself in these difficult times of pause.

Interested candidates may register at- http://bit.ly/YatraReg

For more information visit their website – http://bit.ly/yatra-irsc

ED is proud to be their blog partner.

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