Lazarus Performing Arts Society is a student chapter based in the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun which lets students with different talents showcase their talent in the field of art.

With their four houses: house of vision, house of moves, house of rhythm and house of verse, they have provided students with the opportunity to find their call and leave an everlasting mark.

To add to the celebration of Independence Day, they are bringing their open-mic Manmarziyaan on your screens.

Though distanced by the dreadful COVID-19, their artists and selected participants will weave the nation in a string of words and music. The performers of India’s very own city of love are all set to spread the message of unity to their viewers.

The first event is Independence Day Special which is going to be enriched with poetries towards love for the nation.

In the other edition of Manmarziyaan, the team will be bringing to you its flagship event Rap Star 2.0 on August 23rd. For those who love to add beats to their words, fasten your seat belts for rappers of the hill are all set to move you.

Decorated with awards and appraisals of World Integrity Centre, Red FM Tashanbaaz, Attitudious, Delhi Poetry Slam, etc, they are a group of not-so-boring engineering students.

Coming from the lineage of the living legend Wasim Bareilvi, Qazi Fahar Ahmed along with his literary friends Naman, Kailash, Jaya will be keeping the josh high with their poetries.

For Rap Star 2.0, Dehradun’s gully boy UK07 will be leading the team with his friend Himanshu Rajoria.

Their very own music table guy Priyansh Bhargawa along with guitarists Ritikesh & Amogh will be adding tunes to the show.

To attend the virtual open-mic(s) as a viewer, stay connected with their Instagram page.

The details for the events are as following:


Date: 15 August, Saturday.

Venue: LIVE on their Instagram page 


Date: 23 August, Sunday.

Venue: LIVE on their Instagram page.

In case you wish to participate, click on the link in the bio and submit your entries 48 hours prior to the show.

ED is proud to be their blog partner.

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