The Model Club of Birsa Institute of Technology (B.I.T.), Sindri, Dhanbad India, organised the “Nav Ujjwal e-innovation Hackathon” in accordance with the vision of “Aatma-Nirbhar Bharat” for students across the nation.

It brought up an opportunity for students across all domains to come forward with innovative ideas and salvage the sinking mankind. The “Nav-Ujjwal E-innovation Hackathon” aimed at bringing out the best in students by providing excellent exposure and guidance.

It collected all the cognizant minds virtually under guidance of mentors from across the world to probe into some of the intricate real-life problems and come up with their newfangled solutions.

The event mascot was “Gray Matter” inspired from the vision of “Aatma-Nirbhar Bharat” mission, which symbolises the innovative Indian brains.

Over 500 students from various colleges across India registered to display their creativity and innovation. The 3-day continuous brainstorming phase was divided into three rounds viz. Bridge Round, Revolution Round and the D-Day Round where the teams presented their idea each day in an improved manner through an online platform.

The event was marked close on 6th August after over 20 hours of online brainstorming competition.

The event was inaugurated on 4th August, 2020 by the Institute’s honourable director Dr. D. K. Singh alongside Prof. in charge Dr. R.P. Gupta. The initiative taken up collectively by the dignitaries and Model Club aimed to salvage sinking minds and the youth from losing zeal and vision.

The Hackathon posed a diverse range of problem statements, a set of genuine issues that we are currently facing, carefully handpicked keeping in mind the general day to day minuscule problems that can be resurrected.

To name a few of the segments it had, they were Save the Planet challenge, Being Human challenge, IoT based challenge, problems in the field of Agriculture,  Public Healthcare, Sex Education and COVID-19.

It received an overwhelming response from the participants who attempted the segment of their choice and were ready to prove their mettle. The top 40 abstracts were shortlisted for the Bridge Round where in the teams had to present their solutions to the panel.

The esteemed panel had experts from various national and international companies including:

  • Mr. Vivek Singh ( Software Engineer, Google),
  • Mr. Vinay Singh (BASF, Ex-SAP speaker),
  • Mr. S.C. Dutta (HOD, Computer Science Engineering, BIT Sindri),
  • Mr. Avinash Kumar (SDE, Amazon),
  • Mr. Dinesh Prabhakar (Professor, Information Technology, BIT Sindri),
  • Mr. Kaushal Prashad Nayak (Full Stack developer, Boeing Aeroplane Company),
  • Mr. Sanket (DATA TRAINED),
  • Mr.Rabindra Sah (Chief Engineer, Strategic Project, Tata Technologies),
  • Mr. Gaurav Singh (Assistant Manager, Steel Authority of India Limited),
  • Dr. S.K. Singh (HOD, Mech. Dept., BIT Sindri),
  • Mr. Kumar Ankit (SDE, Amazon),
  • Mr. S.K. Singh (Scientist, DRDO),
  • Mr. Bal Krishna Barnwal (Delivery Head, Indian Business Operations),
  • Mr. Prabhat Kumar Singh (Developer at SAP, Co-founder of MLTag),
  • Mr. Abhishek Chandra (SMT Project Management at HCL Technologies),
  • Assistant Prof. Niharika (Electrical Dept., BIT Sindri),
  • Mr. Avinash Pathak (SBM NMIMS Mumbai’22, EX-L&T)

Furthermore, 20 teams made to the Revolution Round conducted on 5th August. The different prototypes were closely examined by the judges and only 10 teams shuttled into the D-Day, the final showdown on 6th August, 2020.

Presently, Model Club members solely indulge in the execution of the technical revolution in the campus of BIT. Round the year Model Club organizes Workshops, Seminars, Guest-Lectures, Invited Talks and alike events including a Mega Tech-Fest named “Sandhaan”.

To know more about the event and organizers,do give a visit at:

Website: http://e-hackathon.modelclubbit.com/index.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/modelclubbit

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