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Trending: Team Based out of Mumbai develops AI Covid-19 Symptoms Detection App


In these times of pandemics, it has hit the world hard in every possible way. And it has not only been difficult to prevent ourselves from all its effect but also understanding and applying all possible ways to be more precautions. is a dynamic mobile application that is based on Artificially Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology, which is a preliminary tool to know the exposure or like ability of a person to Covid-19.
As per our sources, Their vision is to Replace Oximeter for preliminary Detection Covid19, by using Voice feature extraction, Cough Differentiation using Artificial Intelligence, and Enabling tele- screening for anyone, anywhere, anytime, Just need a Smartphone with
It is completely portable, non-hardware based and easy to use Smartphone application without any assistance. With some basic information and cough and sound samples the mobile application gives a result to the user. It can work as a mass screen tool as a preliminary medium to access and understand the possible positive ratio of the user to Covid-19. Moreover it can be done anywhere, anytime, without any hassle.
Looking at the current pressure on ongoing PCR tests, a stable and sound technology like this can act as a major preliminary tool to reduce pressure and stress on the healthcare system. Also, looking at current mediums of preliminary tools like Oximeter or Temperature meter, can create huge impact to help healthcare and medical systems to respond better in the given situation. is in Talks with Maharashtra Government in regards to their Clinical Trials, according to our sources, has successfully achieved accuracy of 90%.
Their Team part Anant, Rahul Piyush Jain, Aaditya, Devansh Sunil Tiwari, and others team members have been working at this since recent Months. Their work has been huge in this health tech field as they have before effectively built up India’s first Smartphone phone based Non invasive Glucometer Accurately.
The Beta App successfully functional and is said to have an accuracy of 90% + as per sources. Visit to download the Prototype
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Brand Voice
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