While the recent NSSO reports are doing rounds in the Indian Politics, a teenager from Kolkata took to Facebook to reveal the dark alleys of unemployment in the country, with a post that is now going viral.

A teenager from Kolkata named Shouvik Dutta recently uploaded a post about a Zomato delivery guy who was too qualified to work in such a job and plead for a five star rating from his customers.

While some popular quotes go in India like “Koi kaam bada ya chotha nahi hota,” we are not quite sure whether there is any positive angle to the story other than the extreme nerve wracking issues that the country has been facing in terms of jobs and employment.

“It was one of those usual checkouts ordering food when I was taken aback after I was updated with the details of my delivery agent,” mentioned the equally distressed teenager on seeing the plight of his country.

Zomato offers a facility which shares the details of its delivery boy along with the contact number. The app mentioned Meraj as a Post Graduate in Commerce who could speak Hindi and Bengali which ignited the curiosity of the teenager.

Dutta mentions, We had a quick chat were I got to know he was an M.Com graduate from Calcutta University and also done PGDM in Finance or Investment banking something similar.”

Before leaving, Meraj in a humble gesture, “with folded hands” pleaded in a shaky voice “Sir, ekt rating ta diea deben”.

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The incident is one of the many examples in the country where the highly qualified youth of India chooses to strike the door of any job that could fetch him two meals a day.

Graduates, Post Graduates, Doctorate Scholars and Engineers have been lining up for a clerk’s job. Having said this, my vague memory also reminds me that Prime Minister Modi acclaimed that selling ‘Pakodas’ is also a from of employment.

So basically, somebody just needs to comment on Shouvik Dutta’s post and remind him of our Prime Minister’s comment just so he could chill for a while and believe that employment exists.

Meanwhile the Government is yet not ready to acknowledge the elephant in the room after the leaked National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) reports of Unemployment striking at a 45 year high of 6.1% in 2017-18.

The NSSO which comes under the Ministry of Statistics holds household surveys on a yearly basis. The report allegedly has been doing rounds in NSC due to the pressure from “higher authority”, pressing its release.

As a protest, two Government employees, one of which is the acting chairman of National Statistical Commission (NSC) have also resigned due to the delay in the release of the reports.

Addressing the issue, NITI Ayog claimed that the report was just a “first draft” and mentions about Ola and Uber creating million jobs in the country.

With all the political clad statements on unemployment, the question is still the same:

In scenarios where data is not being published and the independence of autonomous bodies are being attacked, what are we, as a country, aiming for?

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Sources: India Times, The Wire, First Post

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