The year 2020 has not been very good to many businesses out there. With the coronavirus pandemic having spread out globally since January of this year itself, most people are under lockdown.

Many countries and cities are still under lockdown and if not, have been advised to limit their outside time as much as possible. People are suggested to only step out of their house for the most important essentials and not for frivolous matters.

With many people and businesses thus working from home, the economy has taken a hit and people are choosing to spend their money on only the basic items and putting the rest in savings.

So it was only inevitable that the automobile or car industry in India would take a hit not only because of this COVID-19 pandemic but other reasons that have been affecting car purchases in the country.

Here we take a look at some of the lowest selling cars in India between 2019 and 2020:

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COVID-19 is not the only cause of this low sale rate of cars, other reasons are the economic slowdown and the recent rule applied to the automotive industry to change to BS-VI emission.

Ashim Sharma, Partner & Group Head, Nomura Research Institute stated in a March report by ET that, “Car sales are very much in-line where the economy is heading. Given no major announcement in the budget to spur demand, automotive is just following the general trend. Auto Expo brought some excitement with a good consumer participation, but all the launches are due in March or later. Consumers might wait for the new products to debut that might lead to some excitement.”

The overall passenger car market has already seen a decline of 6.7% whereas in 2020 it’s only seen a sale of 2,50,698 units. This is a decline from 2019’s figures of 2,68,843 units sold.

Maruti only sold 136,849 units in total in February 2020 whilst having sold 139,100 units in February 2019, giving it a decline of 1.6%.

Tata Motors has seen a vehicle sales drop by almost 31% with it only selling 12,430 units till February while it managed to sell 18,110 units in the domestic market in 2019.

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Sources: Go Mechanic, The Economic Times, Auto Punditz

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